Products 1 – 6 of 6 If you have biographical information of Bill Dekel please email us. We would like to add it here. Air Writer by Bill Dekel & Timon Krause. MagicCN Store Air Writer by Bill Dekel and Simon Krause (Download) [ download] – Instant Download! Please give me your email when you buy this item. Air Writer Written by DekEl and Timon Krause Introduction I cannot begin So I gave it some thought and had some conversation with Bill and.

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The effect is completely impromptu, and you need nothing to perform it other then yourself. Without peeking, you turn your head or look away as your spectator writes a number from 1 to in the air. You then know what number they are thinking of. You can apply this to book tests, drawing duplications, PIN number revelations Prime v2 Your spectator thinks of a word, and then makes one or two free changes to it, and then you are able to predict or name the word they are only thinking of.

It only works in the U.

Go Ahead, Think for Yourself In this powerful, mind bending routine, you call up one spectator, and have him choose a card and place it to the side. You then give him a pad to write down his card.


Air Writer – By Dekel and Krause – INSTANT DOWNLOAD

He does so, and you hand it off to a second spectator to remember. You then have the third spectator look at biol first spectator’s actual card.

You then read the minds of all three spectators, and all of the cards are wildly different. The pad is entirely normal and non-gimmicked, and the second spectator sees the first’s original handwriting; it is not switched. If you can borrow a deck, a pad, and a pen, you’re ready to go with this effect.

Going the Distance A simple, straight forward book test, Going the Distance has one spectator think of a page number, and a second spectator flip to the page and read a word.

You can then name the word.

Magic Ebook : 52magicdownloads

No peeks, and the page number is never spoken. If you can borrow a book, some paper, and a pen, you’re ready to go with this effect in about seconds. Without looking at the pad, without touching the pad, without even turning around, the mentalist aig the spectator to pick up the book, flip to sir page, and remember a word. You then tell them to close the book, and below their number to draw the word that they are thinking of.

Again, without turning around, the mentalist successfully duplicates the image.

Air Writer by Bill Dekel & Timon Krause :

To and Fro A simple effect that can be performed anywhere, even over the phone, at a moments notice. You or a spectator writes a row of words. You then turn around and instruct the spectator to start on any word they choose, and then slide their finger back and biill across the line a certain number of words.

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After a few of these “slides” the mentalist names the word the spectator’s finger is on. This method can be used to choose the row or word on a row in book tests as well in order to enhance it.

When it is dealt down to, the card is indeed the named card. Time Warp The spectator names a minute deksl an hour, and a watch on the table changes to that time. What’s in a Name? Perceptions Air Writer If you find anything wrong with this product listing, perhaps the description is wrong, the author is incorrect, or it is listed in the wrong category, then please contact us. We will promptly address your feedback. This is the third and last part in Bill Dekel’s “MindCraft” series.

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