AISC-S Buildings, Structural Steel, Allowable Stress Design and Plastic Design. AISC-S › Complete Document History Buildings, Structural Steel. AISC-S › Buildings, Structural Steel, Allowable Stress Design and Plastic Design. AISC-S – ADOPT WITHDRAWN – CANCELLED — See. AISC S Specification for structural steel buildings, allowable stress design and plastic design. Download PDF: ,

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This document provides the specific references in these standards where the Code is cited. The latest verison of includes all of the errata to previous printings: Read more in the details below. The Specification is also available with linked content aosc aid in navigation of the document. The coupon code has been applied to your cart!

The copyright permission form can be used to make copies of this standard at your local copy shop—just fill w335 the date at the top. Your cart has been updated! The patent holders have filed statements of willingness to grant a license under these rights on reasonable and nondiscriminatory terms and conditions to applicants desiring to obtain such a license.


The Seismic Provisions is also available with linked content to aid in navigation of the document. The latest version of this standard was released June Only one coupon is allowed per order! The connections have been prequalified for use in special and intermediate steel moment frames without the need for additional testing.

Current Standards | American Institute of Steel Construction

The standard and its supplement addresses 10 moment connections: The edition is an ANSI-accredited standard. The latest version of this standard was revised June Some of the references are linked to the web sites of other associations where they can be accessed for a fee.

It is superseded by the version. The coupon code has been removed from your cart!

Unless specific provisions to the contrary asic contained in the contract documents, the existing trade practices that are contained therein are considered to be the standard custom and usage of the industry and are thereby incorporated into the relationships between the parties to a contract.


Links are provided everywhere blue text is used. Dual-units format provides for both U. Printed versions of both standards will be available for purchase shortly!

For those interested in printed copies, a limited number of softcover versions of AISC’s standards are available for purchase to the right.


The Specification provides the generally applicable requirements for the design and construction of structural steel buildings and other structures. As such, it is useful for everyone associated with construction in structural asic.

Only the load and resistance factor design method of design is incorporated. It incorporated Supplement No. Where possible, active links are provided to assist with obtaining the cited literature.