by Luang Por Munindo. Learning From Everything. 45 minutes, by Luang Por Munindo on December 02, The Swamp Monster, Fear. 40 minutes, by Luang. Aruna Ratanagiri Buddhist Monastery (Harnham Buddhist Monastery) is a Theravada Buddhist Aruna Ratanagiri Buddhist Monastery · Books by Ajahn Munindo (PDF, HTML) · Talks by Ajahn Munindo (MP3) · Portal page for the branch. Ajahn Munindo. English. Alert to the Needs of the Journey. Ajahn Munindo. Spanish. Un Dhammapada para la Contemplacion. Ajahn Munindo. Spanish.

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Apparently, he purposely delayed the introduction of electricity in the monastery so we would have the opportunity to pull water from the well by hand. Self-respect, intensity and support are spiritual factors that all followers of the Buddha would want to work on.

I find if people understand, then generally they welcome what is offered and feel better able to let go of their conditioned resistance. A good teacher reminds us that the point of going forth is to realize inner contentment.

Regarding the theoretical level of practice, or pariyattiI think this is generally best dealt with through book learning. Its ability to evaluate and discriminate is an important part of the intelligence that we as human beings use for our safety and survival. I see teaching as an offering. Even though a good rational argument might be made for engaging YouTube to spread Dhamma, what motivates my actions is more than rational thought.

This is not necessarily the case. Newer Post Older Post Ajahb. From experience I know it can happen that when left on our own we can remain unaware of the gaps in our practice only to have them surface many years later, thoroughly compounded, causing a lot of trouble for ourselves and others.


Those who are over eight vassas set their own standards of use.

Selling Samsara | by Ajahn Munindo | 12 March

It comes down to what works. Somebody recently wrote to me saying he was a member of a meditation group in a town a few hundred miles south of Darwin in Northern Australia.

Monastic or retreat situations, with their emphasis on constant mindfulness, enhance the opportunities to ajah them. The best approach is to acknowledge that this is a shared task. Attempting to transform our suffering without access to a lot of well-being is doomed to failure. Views Read Edit View history.

I know from my own practice that there is much valuable energy contained in our desire to change things. Posted by G at This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.

Ajahns Abhinando and Jutindharo in the Dhamma Hall. The first priority, though, is to maintain perspective within myself. Four Stages Arhat Buddha Bodhisattva.

Aruna Ratanagiri

Gradually faith is purified and intensified, until it becomes something we can truly rely upon. Just as in the time of the Buddha, these days many people hold such stories as being ultimately real, if not consciously then unconsciously. Here I was, living with great teachers, all my material needs were more than adequately met, yet the nature of my conditioned mind meant that I would indulge in thinking, saying and even doing things that created discontent. It would be a big mistake to see the role of the teacher as one of merely passing on information.

The same holds for the training around the rules, the Vinaya.


But few of us start out that mature. This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat When I joined that community I heard he said he wanted the new Buddha image in the temple that was being constructed to be in the standing position because his monks practised not just while sitting, but while working too.

We learn to expect from ourselves, and others expect from us, that we continually increase in goodness. They are not the mind itself! If we allow ourselves to become too busy, for example too much talking, too much socializing, getting excessively well known, all these things can lead to a loss of connection with faith. Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust.

As a young monk I once heard a teacher asked what his teaching technique was: Even ten minutes of well-spent sitting, being still and going back to the basic feeling of a total non-judgemental relationship with life, to perfect receptivity to the moment, can be of great benefit. The more subtle faults can be the biggest troublemakers and they can also be the most difficult to unearth.

Ajahn Munindo

Through careful feeling-investigation we can come to see this hyperactivity for what it is and allow the discriminative function to resume its proper place.

Preparing the ground for walking meditation. If this file is freely licensed, but otherwise unsuitable for Commons e. So one benefit of going forth is what it stops you doing.