Unfortunately this brings Aladdin into contact with Abanazar, the evil Sorcerer. His journey takes him to a magic cave of jewels, where Abanazar talks to Aladdin . Aladdin. by Tommy Donbavand. You have permission to change any aspect of this script to suit your needs. However, the reselling. This very original and funny script provides all the necessary ingredients for a Aladdin had all the ingredients for a fun-filled and entertaining pantomime.

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Click here to find out what other customers said about this script. Even we went for a romantic walk together and held hands. Designed for a small or very small cast with alternative sections to cover the maximum doubling.

Aladdin Pantomime Script by Alan P Frayn, Stage Right Creative Ltd

And one aaddin in particular. Jasmine intended female optionally doubling with the slave of the ringAbanaza male doubling with geniefor the rest, make your own mind up!

This very original and funny script provides all the necessary ingredients for a first-class and spectacular production of this famous oriental rags-to-riches tale. Aladdin ends up trapped in a cave – but with help from two genies, and the staff of Widow Twankey’s laundry, Abanazar gets taken to the cleaners. The price will be shown after you select the title required. Packed with jokes, wordplay and sight gags.

Aladdin falls in love with the beautiful Princess Jasmine but needs to make his fortune before he can marry her. Abanazer convinces him to enter a hidden cave to find riches beyond his wildest dreams and then traps him there. The jokes — wonderfully topical — kept us all laughing from start to finish. Also perform the optional ultra-violet scene. The producer’s copy of this script contains suggestions for 10 songs. The all-powerful Genie of the Magic Lamp.


Thank you for a wonderful script, the perfect length, it zipped along, told a good story well, nice contrasts, every scene had interest and good scope for creativity! The rights to perform and alasdin for all the titles in our catalogue with exceptions are managed by Stagescripts Ltd.

A full length pantomime with seventies variations and with assorted settings. Chorus size at the Producer’s discretion. Aladdin comes to the rescue and they all live happily ever after. Ethelazar, Aladdin’s cousin offers him riches if he helps her.

Throw in a magic carpet, a scritp Slave of the Ring, the Emperor of China, a beautiful princess and a couple of inept police officers and you have all the ingredients for a fantastic tale and great entertainment.

Did you hurt yourself Genie? The Emperor wanted an eye pad. Abanaza the villainous magician discovers the whereabouts of a fabulous magic lamp. No-one was spared the jokes, from politics to budget airlines. To win her, he needs a fortune, and quickly! Lazy Bee Scripts Home Page.

Pantomime Scripts: Aladdin

The Palace Gardens Full stage exterior scene Scene 4: Aladdin [Version 3] by tlc Creative Best Seller. Dame assumed to be played by Male, Principal boy by Female.

Aladdin must defeat the wicked villainess Abanazia with the aid of a magic lamp from the cave of treasures. This was panto that had its roots in tradition but also had a techno edge.


Aladdin Pantomime Script by Alan P Frayn, Stage Right Creative Ltd

It took me hours to suck all the chocolate off them this morning! I want to marry him. A wastrel boy with big ideas. The cast for scirpt script comprises of: Your company was extremely fortunate in finding and performing one of the best scripts I personally have seen! Aladdin by Stuart Ardern. Once seen never forgotten.

You are licensed to use this for your personal use. But the old fashioned way is so much more fun. Lots of small speaking parts for chorus pantlmime. However in true panto tradition, Abanazar gets his deserts, and Aladdin wins the day and the Princess.

Aladdin recovers the lamp and becomes rich beyond his wildest dreams, marrying Princess Yam Yam the daughter of the Emperor of Peking. Lyrics and alaxdin music to six songs supplied with the Producer’s Copy. They may not be printed, quoted or performed without the permission of Lazy Bee Scripts.

We also offer a version of this script pantomkme schools or youth theatre groups slightly simplified and with added lines for Chorus members. Obviously, best played by a man.