In loving memory of Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen [September 17, — December 11, ] Who was “always ready” to defend the faith, and always ready to meet his. Always Ready Bahnsen, Greg L. $$ Product Description. This book is a compilation of several of Dr. Bahnsen’s published works on Christian. Always Ready. (Directions for Defending the Faith). Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen Texarkana, AR: Covenant Media Foundation, pp., paperback, $

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Bahnsen suggests that the Christian apologist can defend the truth of the faith by arguing for the impossibility of the contrary. In various forms, the fundamental argument advanced by the Christian apologist is that the Christian worldview is true because of the impossibility of the contrary.

Always Ready: Directions for Defending the Faith – Greg L. Bahnsen – Google Books

Throughout the book, Bahnsen incorporates a kind of mantra that keeps bringing the reader back to need to establish the source of authority. Also a Philosophy professor at my university wrote two essays on Presuppositionalism and Bahnsen. This is a solid bahnsdn on presuppositional apologetics. Dec 31, Michelle rated it it was amazing.

Always Ready : Greg L Bahnsen :

On the resdy hand, the Christian worldview is without inconsistencies and does live up to its epistomological standards. In my personal life, working hard in applying the lessons found in this book has resulted in some level of fruitfulness in exposing the folly of unbelief.


Thanks for your feedback and the links, The Goins. Lee Strobel on Apologetics.

This book is a compilation of several of the late Dr. Maybe you’re a deist.

Nope, not when souls are at stake here. So, by all means, give yourself to the study of apologetics, in which this book shall be invaluable. The word of God would necessarily logically, if not personally remain subordinate to the autonomous,final standard.

What is fascinating is how apologist can’t see this. While it may be difficult at first for readers unused to the basic terminology of philosophy, there is a lot of repetition in the first chapters that should give plenty of time to catch on.

I would recommend anyone read bahnse book before they started into Plato or Kant. Why then are most Christians, in the course preparing for the apologetic defense of the faith, taught to do the former? He summarized his view on the subject in the following essay:. Later chapters are helpful for practically answering a few common objections to the Christian worldview, especially as you see the common thread of showing that without Christianity any foundation for morals, thought, reason completely unravel.

If he were to have conceded Gnosticism he would have lost. I wish you would have wlways this line of criticism into your review, and show where you depart and where you agree. Bahnsen does an amazing job of getting the Christian to think Biblically about the way he defends his faith.

Always Ready

I picked up Dr. They just don’t want to. The reason and logic that the unbeliever points to as an authority, is in itself totally corrupt apart from the new birth, and even in an unregenerate person, it is part of his fallen nature and is never a place to start. I see that Joel Garver has posted a link to his critique of Bahnsen’s position.


He gives tons of very loose scriptural exegesis to support his claim, but no philosophical defense whatsoever.

I certainly recommend this excellent work on apologetics. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Your comment reveals a belief in the existence of knowledge, which is certain by definition.

We aren’t using mind games to diffuse another’s worldview for our own enjoyment or superiority. The first section, previously published as a syllabus, provides a step-by-step explanation of key issues in Christian apologetics and establishes the biblical support for the presuppositional method.

Love your work TAF. One will probably benefit from some theological and philosophical reading before reading this one.

Always Ready: Directions For Defending The Faith

Directions for Defending the Faith offers a good corrective to this mindset. Always Ready is a helpful, clear, and concise explanation of presuppositional apologetics. As a Lutheran, I am also a big fan of Reformed presuppositional apologetics. That is certainly not a Biblical form of apologetic by any stretch of the imagination.