MANUAL 5. monitor WARNING The original AMBERSTAR game discs we supply are guaranteed to be free of virus infections. Only in this way can . Amberstar – Double Barrel Screenshot · Information · 6 reviews · 4 manuals · Cheatcode · 6 weblinks Download one zip file with the 4 game manuals. Amberstar – Double Barrel Screenshot · Information · 6 reviews · 4 manuals · Cheatcode · 6 weblinks · 8 screenshots · 4 boxscans · 3 diskscans.

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This means that you only lay out gold for your single character. A super assistance to manual mapping. Go north from here round yet more bends, keep west and south to finally discover a Chest containing Flasks and a Golden Wine Goblet. The passage then opens up the rest of the area. One time you fail and the next it’s OK. Before heading north enter the door at the end of the passage to find various articles of Clothing.

In Cellars and underground locations the auto-mapping ambdrstar not work unless a Torch is activated.

Head north to find Clover. While planned as first part in a trilogy, Amberstar was succeeded by only one sequel called Ambermoon.


Amberstar Manual – Thalion Software

The lower ones in the three rooms are an illusion. The final graves area 23 x Go north meeting Skeletons just before a door north. If swimming skills are good I guess you could goose grease yourself and strike out that way.

The Diary entries are significant as they lead you to other areas. Behind each door are Goblins to be fought. Follow the passage round to meet Orcs and Goblins through the door and enter the Teleport in the north.

Amberstar : Hall Of Light – The database of Amiga games

At a junction south first amberstr west and down a corridor east, just before a door west, use a Pickaxe on the Rocks to reveal three sets of Rats. This page was last edited on 5 Marchat Entry point in the fifth and final section is in the northeast. He’ll then tell you about the Dwarven Crown into which is set a piece of the Amberstar.

No man has ever crossed it. South through a couple of doors to fight Rats just beyond the second door.

MOCAGH.ORG: Miscellaneous: amberstar manual

Mistakes you don’t make in this game. The first brush with Rats is just along the initial passage.

Go east down a long passage to enter a false wall and descend stairs to Level Two. In the chest that is then revealed find Gold and another Piece of Amberstar. Follow the corridor round then north to fight more Rats. Entry point is north just right of centre. Now return to one of the exit Teleports amberatar return the Broom to Mera.


Amberstar was the first installment in Thalion Software ‘s never-finished Amber Trilogya role-playing video game franchise. The Teleport in the Bedroom takes you downstairs to just outside the Cellar. Also say “Library” to be referred to his wife Melina. Once you arrive on the “sandy” part outside the Mine Entrance the Party has to fight Spiders and Caverats. In the Chest is a Robe.

Guess who’s got Firlas’s bone buried in the Garden! In one section you’ll come across three graves, one of these conceals two Blue Mushrooms. Say “Mork” and “Temple” for further information. There’s an anti-light square on the third square up just before the door.

I think that you now receive a Scroll.