Sister Jesme, born , is an academic from Kerala, India. She resigned from her post as of a Nun, Indian Express reviewing the book states that the book ” details the humiliation, “Amen: The autobiography of a nun by Sister Jesme”. Amen autobiography of Sister Jesme is a thrilling read. Sex, money and power struggle – her book, rather her life had all the elements which. Sister Jesme on why she wrote that controversial book Amen.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Read more Read less. Or at least easier to read. It is definitely so and is may be ‘certainly’ the first-of-its-kind in India, but it tells what you wanted to hear. When this book was released in it was first of its kind in India.

Amen: The autobiography of a nun by Sister Jesme

I would like to exchange notes with you. Wow, that definitely sounds like a heavy subject!

She is sincere about putting bt problems that authority seemingly ignores like corruption and homosexuality. That apart as a book Amen is an interesting read. It would be very difficult to ignore them. Finally, she has enough and leaves the Congregation and goes into hiding. As a saying goes, if there’s a devil residing in the roof of every normal household, gy a devil residing in each rafter in a convent.

They should admit it and oust the sinners, otherwise it will be like encouraging the sinners. Instead of boo a life away from the critical eyes of the public, she dare From a literary point of view, the writing clearly lacks flow as the author keeps jumping from one subject to the other. Views Read Edit View history. Yikes, thanks for your honesty.


But miraculously, just then I started getting my pension from the Government. Thelakkattu has no clear answers to why she was not allowed inside the church after returning from Italy. Upload Photos Upload photo files with. Njan Lymgikathozhilali Nalini Jameelayude Athmakatha. If only to defend herself. Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. The society is well aware of the politics within church establishments. Mar 26, Vikash kashivology.

The rot inside the church runs deep. Amen could be called more like ‘the autobiography of a super-nun’. She also states examples where a few priests are involved in sexual relationships with the nuns. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


In one or two places, it even resembled porn – which I find out of a place in a book of this sort. The book must be read for many reasons. So, you have no chance of knowing whether a particular event happened during her 30th year of 40th year. Amen autobiography of Sister Jesme is a thrilling read. There was a lot of pressure on the family, and finally the Sister agreed. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Instead of leading a life away from the critical eyes of the public, she dared to come forward by publishing this book. Finally, she has enough and leaves the Congregation and goes into hiding.

Jesme being a good educationalist is having a PhD in English You are commenting using your WordPress. She portrays it as they didn’t like the fact that she was running the school and jeesme to fix the corruption and the greed for money, but I couldn’t help but wonder if there were any other reasons. Those photographs were flashed in the local media. This site uses cookies. She comes across as any other girl who loves literature, poetry, arranging cultural activities and watching movies.


Exactly, her story deserves to be told. Thanks to the vow of obedience, the nuns are sidter emancipated women. Please Email the Editor. One of the must read books with open minded.

Amen: The autobiography of a nun

From the slippery slope of sexual exploitation to the rocky roads of systematic corruption and abject racism, comes a book that is a sum total of thirty three years of facing the reality behind the iron dark walls of the Christian self proclaimed Infallib Where most of the books found in South India speak flawlessly of a perfect world where rock solid foundation of Christianity is sparkling and blissful combination of peace and joy, here comes a book that shakes the very foundation to its roots.

Sorry Sister Jesme, but I think you should have co-written it with another author.

Sister Aemn on why she wrote that controversial book Amen. The structure was hard to follow and the narrative jumps from one event to the next. After joining the Church as a nun, she realizes that things are not like she thought they would be.