‘Entering Banana Yoshimoto’s fictional world is a little like living as an expatriate in Tokyo-everyday things are disconcertingly different. The exotic lurks around. Amrita [Banana Yoshimoto] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After losing her beautiful younger sister, a celebrated actress, to suicide. Amrita [Banana Yoshimoto] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A celebrated actress who has died in mysterious and shocking circumstances.

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The characters are strong and beautifully weird and seem to appreciate the life with semi-colons. She is very popular in her native Japan and has a loyal following. We all love Japan.

This is bananx Yoshimoto’s most experimental novel. Reading Amrita feels as if you are reading the author’s personal diary entries.

Her sister committed suicide. Mar 07, Tenma rated it did not like it Shelves: It abounds with mystical powers, ghosts, mind reading, and unexplained events. The entire book has a feeling of surrealism around it.

Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto

Life is as strange as a dream, and also as charming as one, no matter armita a beautiful vision or the worst nightmare. It’s a saga of a Sakimu who injures herself and while recovering tells her story and her sister’s and borther’s.

However, she described what was happening in too many details that for several instances, I lost track of what she was saying. As what Yoshimoto said in foreword, she might not write any lengthy story anymore after this yoshioto, but I really wish she would still do.

But Amrita is much more feminine and warm than either of those authors works. Around pages is forgivable but extending a senseless fragmented plot by another 50 pages more is not funny anymore.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Oct 22, Ha T. On the other hand, I can see why other people would still love this book. The sun was shining brightly through the windows on a beautiful spring morning, the first of many to come. Towards the end of the novel, Sakumi is also urged to quench her thirst by drinking in everyday occurrences – the water of life.


Mar 06, Kaylee rated it it was ok.

The entire narrative is from the perspective of Sakumi of her circle of people dealing with death, tragedy, travel, love, miracles and mysticism. Aug 16, Mobyskine rated armita liked it.

She lost a chunk of her memory. If you are able to step outside the moment and look back on these times without wishing for their return, you will be a lot better for it.

Even so, the book did not prepare me for how the characters react. Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto. The title, ‘Amrita’, refers to concepts present in the Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist religions and is connected to the refreshment of the human soul from drinking a liquid, like the nectar of the Greek qmrita, which is vital for living. The protagonist is usually a cool and confident young woman, who has experienced a death of a close relative or a young friend.

It felt much more yoshimoho and unpolished yosshimoto Banana Yoshimoto’s other works; it’s a lot longer than her others, and I wonder if her writing is more suited to shorter fiction.

And this is precise what I like about Japanese literature: The story itself seemed okay [though the end was incredibly cheesy], but nothing to really write home about. Banama book was a total pleasure, and I find myself wishing that I could have this book accompany me in life to pick up whenever I want to connect with that supernatural world! Life is constantly moving on; you meet people, you grow close, you have good times, and then you go your separate ways.

She loves the moments in which you might akrita to record in your mind exactly what’s around you for a beautiful and brief second.

Tony’s Reading List: 63 – ‘Amrita’ by Banana Yoshimoto

Then some of those without special powers behaved illogically or irrationally. Sending Japanese literature westward Red Circle Authors, a unique endeavor in the publishing world, aims to connect East and West through yosimoto. How do you rate a bad book if the author herself apologizes for it? Although there are fantastical elements it’s still normal life that she is concerned with.


Banana Yoshimoto’s magical realist rumination on life and death

Looking back on the dogged nature of canine fiction With the success of ‘s “The Traveling Cat Chronicles” joining a clutter of famous feline-linked Japanese tales, cats definitely receive literary affection in Japan. What I like the most in her writing is the simplicity, the way she describes life as this succession of happenings, related amirta not to one another, something that does not necessarily makes sense, but that is part of the whole nevertheless.

Instead, she talks about her writing. I did not find any appeal in the story or the author’s approach to narration.

I got off at Caulfield station and walked slowly through the campus to my office, taking a different route in order to stay in yoshimot sunlight for as long as possible.

View all 3 comments. Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto is one of those books that is a terror to summarize.

The book is quite long and suffers a little from the narrator’s constant analyzing of her state of mind. However, the mother in the story does not give a damn whether her son absents himself from school or not. What I like the most in her writing is the simplicity, the way she describes life as this succession of happenings, related or not to one another, something that does not necessarily makes sense, After more than a year I finally had the opportunity to read another lovely novel from my very favorite author.

The characters were my favorite. That may not be saying much considering how sparse the prose in her other novels is, but Amrita jumps in time and place quite often. It is not life itself. She has a brother who may or may not be insane. There is a cycle of events, emotions and thoughts which doesn’t really have a ‘story’ that has a beginning and end.