Before I started reading Andrew Holleran’s Dancer from the Dance, I felt protective of it. Its reputation made me feel that it was my duty to read it. Buy Dancer from the Dance Reprint by Andrew Holleran (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Dancer from the Dance: A Novel [Andrew Holleran] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the most important works of gay literature, this.

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It uses powerful imagery, and a highly descriptive, poetic writing style. We never saw them. Malone is taken under the wing of Sutherland, a seasoned “queen” who watches over him and cares for him as a best friend. Lists with This Book. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Men met behind bushes in parks at night, or behind unmarked doors leading into bars dacner clubs in urban areas. Witticisms yes, but ones forced by the need to be accepted and loved. Fewer than 20 pages in we are told what kind of story this will be: This is not a story I can’t really identify with on an emotional level, oddly enough muc I don’t really know how to rate this novel: One hand I appreciated the novel as a window into pre-AIDS, post Stonewall, urban gay culture, but on the other hand I was repelled by the sndrew, casual racism and antisemitism spewing from the main characters.

I had some problems.

Being a Gay Man Who Is Free: Reflecting on ‘Dancer From the Dance’

Truly a stunning look into queer life. Anthony Malone remains the beautiful gay man who is glamorous and tragic. Relationships are superficial and fleeting, predicated on nights spent in a popper-induced haze on the dancefloor: A time before AIDS started wiping people out at an alarming rate.


The writing is gorgeous and evocative, the story tender and wistful. Andreww were things I appreciated about this book.

The Island waited now in bleak desuetude for next season; the very beach of that particular summer had been mercifully obliterated by its shape; and it was right. After recovering, Malone quits his job as an attorney and devotes himself to dancing and searching for love and sex. Though the story is mostly about Malone, many critics consider Sutherland to be one of the best-realized characters in gay literature.

This book is very well written. Anxrew owner of a William Morrow first edition. A time when the world was okay as long as you w Beautiful writing and some of it is really funny and witty. The image at the top of this review is of the drom I first read. Holleran never tells us outright, but it really doesn’t matter. I’ve read about the wide use of drugs. View all 6 comments. This novel is probably my favorite American novel from the post-war period. It was before the self-inflicted narcissism of cocaine.

The fact that our novels were glamorous and you might want to actually do what we wrote about holperan you were gay, was really unusual. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Holleran is at his best when balancing the tension somewhere between shame and celebration. Want to Hollerann saving….

Lovers overdose on drugs, houseboys get their heads blown off on St. A little extra thrill. I know that I became obsessed with books about gay men thereafter.


And why finally no human lover was possible, because I was in love with all men, with the city itself.

Dancer from the Dance by Andrew Holleran

From Manhattan’s Everard Baths and after-hours discos to Fire Island’s deserted parks and lavish orgies One of the most important works of gay literature, this haunting, brilliant novel is a seriocomic remembrance of things past — and still poignantly present. From Manhattan’s Everard Baths and after-hours discos to Fire Island’s deserted parks and lavish orgies, Malone looks high and low for meaningful companionship.

As I dahce older and, despite my best efforts, remained single, I would point to Dancer from the Dance as a reminder that sadness and loneliness are an inextricable part of gay life.

See 1 question about Dancer from the Dance…. Malone is described as preternaturally beautiful; much of the plot concerns Sutherland’s efforts to leverage Malone’s beauty by ” marrying ” him to a young millionaire.

That is my main issue with this book: May 31, Scott rated it it was ok. And his literary prose with nods to everyone from Proust to Andrsw James is sensual and seductive.

Dancer from the Dance

Of course, this is a very view, one steeped in a political and social correctness that ebbs and flows with the tides and presidents. Men pee on each other for fun and profit! The 15 Most Stylish Queers of