To bring a little variety here, I will read (or re-read: I have GM´ed this game) an old favourite of mine: Aquelarre! To bring a little context here. Stewart Wieck is raising funds for AQUELARRE — the dark The third adventure we’ll include in our full-color edition is a solitaire adventure. Unofficial community for Aquelarre, the AQUELARRE — the dark . giving it the new look of Aquelarre’s spanish third edition to the book, but.

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Advantages and Disadvantages help to round characters out. Like making a deal with a devil, Aquelarre is not for the faint of heart.

I am intrigued by Aquelarre rpg from Spain. There is information on the five kingdoms in the s Iberian Peninsula, along with descriptions of the main social classes and professions: South of the Town across from the City by the Bay.

We’ll will gladly continue to provide additional material for Aquelarre if there is outstanding support for the project. Because of the fees applied to the funds that you pledge to our project via Kickstarter, it makes more sense to collect shipping charges from you after the project has ended.


We’ll total the pledges made at these levels counting each “Merchant” twice as it includes two copies and compare that total to our stretch goal numbers.


Wait while more posts are being loaded. P I can’t put it right on the shared post, just on the original one: It’s a market with its own confusing expectations, isn’t it?

Of course, personal characteristics shown on the character sheet below play their part, too. Grim and silent soldiers march the dusty roads in search of enemies, both infidel or faithful.

These coins feature eddition from the game: The Masquerade and Mage: Lester notes, “For this Kickstarter, I avoided listing a major summoning or anything that requires human sacrifice. Besides, Marc smiles upon trade.

I am intrigued by Aquelarre (rpg from Spain) – Steve Jackson Games Forums

And yet I’m left wondering. The above image is licensed under GPL 2. Looking forward to it. Also Aquelarre is currently being translated to english, maybe you can get it if you wait.


In all instances, you must be pledging for a physical copy of a game either edition, or KAP 5. This is the world ediion the Middle Ages, which our ancestors knew, and which shaped our present. As a translator, I’d love to do such a thing, but I wonder if the potential market would support it.


I am intrigued by Aquelarre rpg from Spain Quote: The realistic historical setting is dark. Finally, after a long time, the characters may be able to continue their wanderings by the side of the strange old editionn Abu Alim in the lands of Granada.

Based on their region, characters may be of various cultures—Arabian, Basque, Castilian, Catalan, Jewish, Muslim, and many more.

Aquelarre (3rd Edition) | RPG | RPGGeek

edittion Do not submit posts looking for players, groups or games. But to be fair, Kyriotates are a kick in the pants for just about everyone to grok at first. Update 5 discusses this book. Instead of asking game stores to directly back our project although they are welcome to do so!

Please browse through our FAQ before posting. This is the piece that appears at the top of Update 6. There is the nifty detail of splitting Dexterity into separate characteristics: The Spanish edition of Aquelarre includes three adventures that we cannot include as part of our starting edition of the game.