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CARE AND DISPOSITION OF REMAINS AND DISPOSITION OF PERSONAL EFFECTS. Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering AR Care and Disposition of Remains and Disposition of Personal Effects [ United States Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on.

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Authorization and use of transfer cases in Army mortuaries. Recovering remains from scene of incident. The sponsor will be advised not to set date and time of funeral services until port mortuary authorities advise the designated funeral director of the scheduled time of arrival of remains at destination.

The right to direct disposition of remains is a personal right; it cannot be exercised by guardians, committees, or agents of any of the persons listed in paragraph 4—4, solely by reason of their status. Navy and the U. Chapters 2, 4, 8 8, 11, 12, 13, The at for dependents of retired military personnel for mortuary affairs benefits are derived from Federal statutes 10 USC 2 and see para 2—.

Mortuary affairs expenses may be recovered when a Soldier dies from injuries and is interred at U. Dependents of military personnel. Performing Federal inactive duty, as defined in the glossary, at the time of death.

Have full responsibility for the handling and disposition of PE under their control or custody. Dies while on an Army installation or other Army facility; and whose remains are unclaimed and refused for dispo.


Inspecting and reprocessing remains at the continental United States port mortuary. Accepted applicants for enlistment. Direct consignment of remains to a U. Mortuary Affairs Program, page 3. An escort is authorized when the PADD has elected to make all arrangements for the preparation and transportation of the remains, unless PADD specifically requests no escort.

In the United States, the local medical examiner or coroner is responsible for 638–2 human remains unless on federally exclusive jurisdiction then the AFMES is responsible. The mortuary officer will ensure that each remains and container are inspected or examined by a military customs.

There are individually identified complete or incomplete remains for each person killed in the incident. Handling Remains of Foreign Military Trainees, page Separation agreements are not divorce or annulment decrees and, therefore, are insufficient to xr a spouse. Remains of personnel for which DA is responsible will be cared for with utmost respect in keeping with the highest.

Handling Remains of Foreign Military Trainees.

AR Army Mortuary Affairs Program

Chapters 4, 8, 11, 12, 13, In those instances, the commander will secure the scene until investigative agency personnel assume responsibility. Operation of Army mortuary facilities.

Mortuary benefits are summarized below and expanded in subsequent chapters. Arrangements must be made for refrigeration equipment to inhibit decomposition of the remains. Installation commanders will develop mass casualty incident plans to provide for security of the incident site, the search and recovery of remains, and evacuation of remains. With the exception of those documents to be forwarded to the Commander, U. Communications necessary for proper disposition of deceased personnel covered by this regulation are authorized.


The secondary allowance also provides for reimbursement of memorial expenses for non-recoverable remains. Chapter 9 Cremation and Urns. Announcements of the memorial service. A receipt will be obtained from whomever assumes custody of the cremated remains. To be authorized mortuary benefits, the decedent must be currently serving as a Cadet at USMA at the time of death.

A list of authorized secondary care expenses is located in table 1—2. Operate activities related to the care and disposition of remains and ensure plans are established to perform mortuary. Additional preservative measures will be applied as necessary.

AR 638-2 Care and Disposition of Remains and Disposition of Personal Effects

Special handling for contagious disease. Viewing will not be permitted when the event will delay the preparation and 6382- of other remains. Dies while outside the United States. Remarried spouses will be kept informed of all developments concerning the former spouse as follows:. The contracting officer will take into consideration that the cost may, of necessity, be higher than for stock-size caskets.