plant perception (a.k.a. the Backster effect). Plants are living things with cellulose cell walls, lacking nervous or sensory organs. Animals do not. Grover Cleveland Backster Jr. could always spot a liar. When he publicized his findings, the so-called Backster effect became a pop-culture. The Spirit Science Source Field series begins here, as we dive into the field by exploring something called the backster effect! Cleve Backster was very.

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There was a plant in the room. It could tell the difference between pretending you are going to, compared to when you actually intend to do it, which is quite interesting in itself from a plant psychology standpoint. What a Plant Knows: Now when my partner in the polygraph school we were running at the time came in, he was able to do the same thing also, as long as he intended to burn the plant leaf. Later experiments with an EEG failed to detect anything. Conversations with Free-Thinkers and Truth-Seekers.

The answer should be obvious. He noted that they have a kind of memory, reacting to someone who earlier had done harm to another plant nearby: Typical of the testimonials in defense of Backster’s claims are the following.

However, if one searches the literature of science, one searches in vain for support for the notion that plants are telepathic and feel emotions. Grover Cleveland “Cleve” Backster Jr.

On a night in interrogation specialist Cleve Backster taught how to perform lie detection to policemen. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Backster’s claims have been publicized and supported by several people with qualifications and knowledge equal to his own: Email required Address never made public. The reliability of the polygraph test itself has been questioned.

Neurobiologists do not study plants and you will search in vain through the annals of neurobiological literature for verification of the Backster effect.


This made Backster try different scenarios, and the readings went off the chart when he pictured burning the leaf, because according to him, the plant registered a stress response to his thoughts of harming it.

Slayman who investigated Backster’s claims wrote:. One day, on the New Jersey Turnpike, he decided to let them know, through thought, that he was on his way home.

The responsiveness of the plants to thought was also the same whether eight inches away, eight feet, or eight thousand miles!

plant perception (a.k.a. the Backster effect) – The Skeptic’s Dictionary –

He has parlayed his doctorate into a position at the California Institute for Human Science Graduate School and Research Centeran unaccredited institution founded by Dr. When Backster began to water the plant, the galvanometer did not show the same growth in electrical conductivity as he would have expected.

So, he left the room. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Plant perception (paranormal)

C, and Gasteiger, E. Even things like fragrance can prove to be useful to plants. Grover Cleveland Backster Jr. Kmetz summarized the case against Backster in an article for the Skeptical Inquirer in The third party would compare their claims with the secretary’s data. We simply refuse to believe that there could be any “intelligence” around here but us, while we live in a world smarter than us at every turn. All of these senses are interesting but what of it?

Backster’s work in the late ’60s and early ’70s was an important impetus for the best selling The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.

Electrophysiological Unresponsiveness to Brine Shrimp Killing.

His work was inspired by the research of physicist Jagadish Chandra Bosewho claimed to have discovered that playing certain kinds of music in the area where plants grew caused them to grow faster. Next, it might have occurred to them that there might be a better way to measure electrical current in plants than using a polygraph. That’s pride and arrogance at its worst, but not so unusual in the laboratory.


This, of course, absolutely shocked, angered and horrified scientists of all kinds, and Backster was pilloried in the media — much to the enjoyment of hard-core parapsychologists who, back then, had nothing efect to say about him. The Other Side of the Leaf. I think Backster invented it that night.

All we have to do is acknowledge the possibility of it being true and then proceed with an open mind and heart Judith Handlesman, spiritual gardener and vegetarian. His “lab” was not effecy science lab. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat It trains policemen to use the polygraph or “lie detector” test.

For information about plant sensing and communication that is based on science, one might read the work of biologist Richard Karban. He was able to repeat the event several times and then he couldn’t get a response.

Backster’s true genius is exhibited in his final remark on the remarkable experiment: For whatever reason, it occurred to me that it would be interesting to see how long it took the water effet get from the root area of this plant, all the way up this long trunk and out and down to the leaves. Notice, too, that like good storytellers these advocates embellish the tale with some interesting exaggerations. One day, Backster approached his Dracaena Massangeana with a lighted match and acted as if he were going to burn it.

Retrieved from ” https: But they do have little electrical currents flowing through them and are subject to outside manipulation.