Xmelt hot melt units are combined with Xmelt hot melt hoses and application. Baumer hhs is based in Krefeld and your worldwide partner for reliable and. Simple operation was thus the main focus when developing Xtend³.

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Available gluing systems are cold glue and standard, big, bag, and entry level. The same security that your end customers demand of you has been integrated in the entire process chain by Baumer hhs.

After a start sensor light scanner has detected the blank, the path information captured by an encoder is evaluated, and the application head is activated on reaching the gluing position entered in the glue pattern. Flow rate sensor DF Compact – robust – reliable.

More efficient, more durable, more reliable and compatible with most hot melt systemsGluing SystemsQuality Assurance SystemsCamera Verification Systems. Specialised for gluing patterns. For all Baumer hhs application head series High-precision glue control; 8, 16, 24, 32, 64 channels, infinitely extendable. Croatia DZS grafik d. The melters of the Xmelt Series detect all connected hoses and application heads by plug-and-play.

Intelligent sensors The product is already assessed in the sensor Simple integration of future sensor Technologies Glue sensor with InterActive communication InterActive All Baumer hhs sensors have an electronic fingerprint that makes them unique. The new dimension in process optimisation!

Baumer HHS Corp. Dayton, Ohio, OH

They are equipped with high performance heating More See and be seen — The Xtend2 systemautomatically recognises plugged in sensorsin addition to products scanned. The Xmelt melter transforms the adhesive granules into liquid glue and maintains bxumer necessary constant temperature. Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Gluing corrugated cardboard glue fl aps has never been simpler”. High pressure glue delivery with electronically controlled piston pumps.


The use of teslahighspeed leads to a marked reduction inproduction Pressure tanks and diaphragm pumps. United Kingdom Baumer hhs Ltd. Sign In to view. Cold GlueHot MeltElectric and electro-pneumatic glue application heads ensurefast, precise application in dot, line, coating and spray forms.

Baumer hhs GmbH

Bundles effi ciency in fi nal packaging production. Slovenia DZS grafik d. Various tank sizes are available. Adhesive applicating machines and devices. After insertion of the dowel it is hjs late. Quality assurance for entry-level users.

Maximum availability of your production equipment with regular maintenance.

Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Xmelt entry level The introductory System” P. Baumer hhs maintenance Maximum availability of your production equipment with regular maintenance. Related Searches Inspection camera Charge coupled device camera Chemical pump Compressed air pump Vacuum generator Monitoring camera Stainless steel pump Lubrication pumping Visible camera Automatic gun Application head Dispensing gun Barcode reading Dot application head Single-stage Venturi ejector Integrated detection system High-pressure gun Adhesive detection system Heated hose Oil-free Venturi ejector.

The estimated 1 billion cycle life, and cycle times of as little as 7 ms are all achieved using a standard 24VDC signal from a PLC bauumer existing pattern controller. Product Information Tesla red. The glue line control function encompasses the identification of adhesives cold glue and hot baume on a wide variety of materials, and evaluation of the position and shape of the applied glue.

Controller provides simple step by step instructions on pump filter change. Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Hot-Melt – Melters” P.


Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Electro-pneumatic Glue Application Heads”. More dynamic than ever before. Xcam DCM Die Cutting Hhd universal control system for ensuring the identity on fast-runningdie cuttersXcam DCM reliably prevents different products from being mixedup during the die-cutting process. Move to new premises in Krefeld and founding of a subsidiary in Italy. Heated hot melt hosesThe highly flexible Xmelt hot melt hosestransport liquid hot melt to the applicationhead at the right temperature and underpressure.

The flexible savvy connection.

The special nozzle seat design prevents Xfeed success at FachPack World premiere at Fachpack. Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Flow rate sensor DF” P. Exhibitor data Our range of products Our products About us.

For line coating application, the electro-pneumatic guns from Baumer hhs are compact, durable and well suited for numerous applications. Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “The melter with Intelligence” P. Dayton, OH map Call: Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Gluing corrugated cardboard glue fl aps has never been simpler” P.

Triggered by one start signal, a maximum of The electropneumatic hot melt application head for bead and dot applicationThe powerful, dependable aerto application head has a slim design and can even apply dots in places where More The Tesla Red is a world first and revolutionizes hot melt application.

Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “HME” P.