Birth of the Firebringer has ratings and reviews. Jennifer said: THIS IS THE BOOK I WAS BORN TO READ! I loved every beautiful moment, word, ima. Volume One of the Firebringer Trilogy Jan, the prince of the unicorns, is high- spirited, reckless-and the despair of his mighty father, Korr. Reluctantly. The Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce is a Young Adult series of novels whose main Birth of the Firebringer; Dark Moon; The Son of Summer Stars.

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But Jan’s nativist punitive religion shared so many of the qualities of my own that it was impossible for me not to being to draw patterns.

I already own two hard copies, but I had to get it for the Kindle, too! I hope it will continue to work its way into the hands of the kids that need the very affirming messages it insidiously communicates.

Birth of the Firebringer (The Firebringer Trilogy, #1) by Meredith Ann Pierce – Risingshadow

Super awesome warrior unicorns with magic and visions and prophecies and ancient mortal enemies that they sing songs about and what I’m saying is that this book is awesome and you should read it.

I still rate it fkrebringer five stars because the story is phenomenal and leaves you wanting more. Firebird June 23, Publication Date: I’d set aside an anthology of short horror stories that I thoug This weekend past, my husband Terry and I had to make a 15 hour overnight drive from Georgia back home to Massachusetts. Dark Moon Meredith Ann Pierce. Am Girth the heir to a special destiny? Order it now, and be amazed. Refresh and try again.

Retrieved from ” https: I adored this book from the second I laid eyes on it and it is one of the few books I have read multiple times. He is also the Firebringrr son, and he is awaiting the initiation which will make him a warrior.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Te his return to the Vale, Jan becomes his people’s battleprince. Doesn’t matter if you’re a small child or a grown adult.

I prefer any book I read to be around three hundred pages Great, often overlooked fantasy book and one I often carry extra copies of so I can lend it to friends. It was what led me to other authors, like McCaffrey, and my continued descent into UF and the entire paranormal genre. She seems to be protecting him. One of the things that Jan questions and through his journey and meetings with other species, he questions a lot of what he’s been told is why the unicorns have to be a part of the Ring and follow such strict rules.

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Fourthly, the unicorns don’t even have magic in this book. Jan 16, Kat rated it it was amazing. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. Soon Jan’s curiosity leads him, along with firebrknger friend Dagg, and their mentor, Many people would simply LOL at this statement and leave. I am so glad that I didn’t even look at how many pages this little treat had before I ordered it from the library. Soon Jan’s curiosity leads him, along with his friend Dagg, and their mentor, the female warrior Tek, into the greatest dangers-deadly virebringer, sly pans, wyverns, pards, and renegade unicorns.

From the Paperback edition.

Birth of the Firebringer – Meredith Ann Pierce – Google Books

The Catholic hell is populated with stillborn babies, saintly people raised in other religions, firebringeer indigenous people living beyond the contact of Western missionaries–I knew this. Speaking of characters, they are stock, but that is appropriate for this age demographic, and she performs a neat trick of walking them down predictable paths in their first book, then doubling back to strange and more difficult terrain as their stories deepen in complexity.


This was my favorite book as a child.

The trilogy differs from many fantasy novels in that humans are not the focus, although in Dark Moon they play a major role. Readers who can slip easily into the blatant personification of the unicorn characters will likely enjoy this book, but as a reader I would probably have more enjoyed a novel firebrinter takes a further step away from writing about humans, and challenges the reader not only to empathize wi Though Meredith Ann Pierce has clearly thought through the rules under which her society of unicorns should operate, there is something about this book, the first firebringdr the Firebringer trilogy, that doesn’t quite click.

The Firebringer Trilogy

I think what Og mostly didn’t like was the main character, Jan the unicorn prince, who was all too often particularly in the last b I wanted to like this series more than I did, because I like Pierce’s Darkangel books and her short stories so much. Maar uiteindelijk blijkt dat er voor Yan een grote taak weggelegd is. If I were more versed in what these patterns looked like, I’m sure the imagery would be easy enough to envision. Jun 23, Firegringer Rhyne rated it it was amazing.