“I have a class theory of literature,” Disch once explained. “I come from the wrong neighborhood to sell to The New Yorker. No matter how good I am as an artist. “And it isn’t just Camp Archimedes. It’s the whole universe. The whole goddamned universe is a fucking concentration camp.” Mordecai rolled back into the pile. In this chillingly plausible work of speculative fiction, Thomas M. Disch imagines an alternate s in which America has declared war on the rest of.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Here’s another example, just for good measure: Disch was a visionary—I can’t think of a better word to describe him—and his talents not only extended to the fields of poetry, video games, and film, discussed that day, but many other areas as well.

His sf novels include Camp Concentrationwith its colony of prisoners mutated into super-intelligence by the bacteria that will in due course kill them horribly, and On Wings of Song, in which many of the brightest and best have left their bodies for what may be genuine, or entirely illusory, astral flight and his hero has to survive until his lover comes back to him; both are stunningly original books and both are among sf’s more accomplishedly bitter-sweet works.

Human experiments to create the next superman? Visch have encountered many writers who possess the twisted, wild skills of imagination germane to speculative fiction, but I have rarely seen them execute their visions with such facility. His sf novels include Camp Concentrationwith its colony of prisoners mutated into super-intelligence by the bacteria that will in due course kill them horribly, and On Wings of Song, in which many of the brightest and best have left their bodies for what may be genu Poet and cynic, Thomas M.

Camp Concentration is the story of Louis Sanchetti, conscientious objector, and his resulting concentdation in an experimental American prison. A poet who had been dicsh as a conscientious objector to the forever war is asked to chronicle the process.


Camp Concentration

This is their Faustian bargain: The implication could be that the war is something that those of genius transcend, or perhaps merely disregard? There are probably a thousand people on goodreads, and tens of thousands of bloggers out there who produce such flashes, or, amazingly, keep it up.

LeGuin summed up the book best in her cover blurb, which says simply: There’s some question how much the author is faithfully writing from the point of view of a self-indulgent literary figure and how much the author is actually indulging in being a self-indulgent literary figure.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hyperdulia, the special veneration accorded the Blessed Virgin Mary because of her unique role in the mystery of Redemption, her exceptional gifts of grace from God, and her pre-eminence among the saints. Beauty is nothing but the beginning Without science we would’t have these rows of uprisen stelae.

A real treat for concentrwtion who enjoy their science fiction dark and literary, a more than healthy does of classicism is stuffed into the pages, dragging the reader into a number of hells. I read this one twice before: I do recommend keeping a dictionary app open on your phone while reading. Robert MacNamara is mentioned frequently, and Concentratio assumes that his readers will know what Dwight Eisenhower looked like.

Now, Disch is very transparent – along with all of his issues and troubles. Nov 13, Pete Young rated it it was amazing. The story is somewhat reminiscent of Daniel Keyes’ Flowers for Algernonbut with a Dostoevskian twist.

Camp Concentration by Tom Disch

I am rather surprised by how much this book is sticking with me. It was first published in and is set in a near future that is now decades past.

Yet in the current era, when literary fiction and sci-fi are again cross-fertilizing and producing vibrant new hybrids, this s book could serve as a textbook, showing how this merging of highbrow and lowbrow can be achieved, conceentration what heights it can reach. Poor Charlie Gordon is given an operation which turns him from a mentally subnormal dishwasher into a genius, but the treatment turns out to be flawed.


Sachetti is a jailed conscientious objector, a “conchie” who finds himself transferred from concentrahion federal prison to the luxurious Camp Archimedes. One thing I found problematic was the fact that unlike he somewhat similar book “flowers for algernon”, you can’t see the progress of the disease in anyone. To ask other readers questions about Camp Concentrationplease sign up. There is cwmp one black character Mordecai and one female character Dr.

Makes the read a sad read, honestly, especially concentdation how Disch, himself, ends. The director of the camp, General Humphrey Haast doncentration or “HH” as Sacchetti calls him – has had Louis brought there in order for him to keep a detailed record of the project. The unlikely hero of this piece is Louis Sacchetti, an overweight poet who’s serving a five- year prison term for being a “conchie”, or conscientious objector, to the ongoing war being fought by the United States. Disch’s book mentions a female composer named Adrienne Leverkuhn.

It’s interesting actually what he doesn’t say, the things you’d expect him to say – like judgements, like anger and indignation – that he either doesn’t think and feel, or keeps to himself.

Babel Delany, Samuel R. The State of the Art Ballard, Xamp. The poet is sent to visch secret camp where prisoners are given an experimental drug without their knowledge or consent, a drug that increases intelligence but in less than a year will most certainly cause death. Additionally as in many other works of the genre and time, “Camp Concentration” has a mild dose of racism tempered only by its heavy sexism.

Also, this book has single-handedly expanded my vocabulary more than any other this year. The last of the great chiliasts. This was not one of my favorite reads. The more I think about this book, the more I am really unhappy about it. The pictures are nice.