Cele șapte peceți din cartea Apocalipsa erau pe sulul care nu putea fi deschis decât de o anumită persoană: Mielul Lui Dumnezeu, care a fost junghiat, Isus. Cele 7 peceti, maestrul Ovidiu Dragos Argesanu. 50 likes. Book. Din punct de vedere stilistic, este influențat de expresionism, de Dreyer și de frescele medievale.” (Dicționar universal de filme, ); „Scopul meu a fost să .

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God conceived of the pyramid to preserve the natural wisdom of the ancients safely through the Flood and used it also to signify His incarnation in the glorified form of His saints. And the Angels took me into that pyramid of themselves, the mysteries of God known only to them.

And in our day the mystery of God is finished. It stands feet and its masonry is twice the volume and thirty times the mass of the Empire State Building. Mathematicians and scholars have measured the Pyramid to determine past wars and future events, seeing in the infallible mathematical and astrological measurements of the structure a chronography with the scale of an inch for a year.

The limited writing space prevents us from mentioning all the contributions from which the magazine has benefited up to this day and we would like to apologise to the Romanian and foreign authors whose names we could not include in this presentation; we would like to promise them that their names will be mentioned on the occasion of a complete bibliography of the magazine during its first two years of existence. It measures feet along each side at the base and is estimated to have contained 2, blocks of stone.

As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away: He quarried, shaped and erected 1, tonnes of coral over 28 years.

The second significant moment in peeceti activity began with issue no. But He provided a way of return past the cherubim in the East guarding the Altar with a flaming sword, through the shed blood of an innocent Kinsman Redeemer.


This is a picture of the Grand Gallery looking back down towards the ascending passage from the Great Step at the top of the climb. This explains how Egypt sprung forth spontaneously as a sophisticated civilization.

I believe it must have been usurping President Obama. Having no numerals, the Hebrews designated the letters of their alphabet with a numerical value. From the beginning the magazine benefited from a partnership agreement with the Master for saptf Translation of the Contemporary Literary Text, University of Bucharest, coordinated by Prof.

Cei patru călăreți ai Apocalipsei

Silent geometry reveals a remarkable witness. O locuinta a mortilor! This is why he could so readily identify with that seventh angel, which was his own theophany.

Confronted by this great cloud of witnesses we are without excuse. And the city lies foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: Se prea poate, Adi, ca tu sa nu cunosti bine limba engleza, ori sa nici nu fi citit articolul, dar ai comentat ca sa te afli in treaba. A partial anointing of the Spirit would not suffice, which is why the Church Age saints were only able to receive the revelation of the Seals.

Celf could we reproduce that sphinx. It is fitting that we see this represented in the Great Pyramid.

His Message was first to restore the apostolic faith Malachi 4: Ati putea sa va ganditi ca am putea fi rapiti? The birth of his own dapte was vindication enough because John was to forerun Messiah. This prophecy is recorded in the Sphinx that stands before the Great Pyramid in which the Body of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Church, is united with the Head of the Virgin and the Capstone of the Pyramid in the catching-away of the Church.

How was it they could fail to recognize when Messiah should come and how He should be crucified by His own people? They are like sightseers and scientists who climb through and study the pyramid instead of standing back and reading the witness of the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World standing today.


A șaptea pecete – Wikipedia

Only the pyramid can represent God manifested in the saints of all Ages, the New Jerusalem. The Well Shaft follows a serpentine passage to the Pit or prison house of the lost, opening part way down into an empty cavern that may represent the dimension called Paradise where the Old Testament saints waited upon their Kinsman Redeemer.

They were convinced he knew the secret of how the Pyramids of Egypt were constructed. Thus every word has the numerical value of the sum of the value of its letters. The photograph illustrates some remaining outer limestone casing.

Message Index

This represented the Six written Seals and Church Age saints whose lives epistles written by the washing of water by the Word, or faith Ephesians 5: The number 13 stands for just a wee bit more than the thirteen original states of the Union, and has long had a sinister reputation, being the number of people in the Supreme Council of the Jewish Illuminati.

Proponents of the Supernatural inspiration of the Great Pyramid have been legion. Satan has taken and perverted this symbol to represent his dominion over a kingdom of this earth which he usurped from God and man at the Fall as Obama usurped the presidency at the fall of the United States.

The Great Pyramid is only three minutes deviant, and Raymond Capt claims this is due mainly to subsidence. Like the disciples of John the Baptist Paul encountered at Ephesus, these good people are following the prophetic forerunner oblivious to the Coming of the One Saptw introduced.