Annual Report, Interactive Annual Report and Form 10K. Chubb Limited. PDF · Interactive (HTML) · Form 10K (HTML). Order Free Hardcopy. You can. Analyze up to 10 years of full 10K Annual Reports and Quarterly 10Q SEC filings for Chubb Ltd (CB) using our online tools to quickly find. Get SEC filings for Chubb Corp (CB), including Annual Report (10k) and Quarterly Report (10Q).

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Amortization expense of purchased intangibles was low in reflecting the favorable impact of the amortization benefit from the fair value adjustment on acquired Unpaid losses and loss expenses. The objective of these rating systems is to provide an opinion of an insurer’s financial strength and ability to meet ongoing obligations to its policyholders.

As these become apparent, case reserves may be adjusted by allocation from IBNR with or without any change in the overall reserve. Although we have chuhb administrative and technical controls and take protective actions to reduce the risk of cyber incidents and to protect our information technology and 10, and we endeavor to modify such procedures as circumstances warrant and negotiate agreements with third-party providers to protect our assets, such measures may be insufficient to prevent unauthorized access, computer viruses, malware or other chubg code or cyber-attack, catastrophic events, system failures and disruptions including in relation to new security measures and systemsemployee errors or malfeasance, third party including outsourced service providers errors or malfeasance, loss of assets and other events that could have security consequences each, a Security Event.

As such, Chubb’s investment portfolio is invested primarily in investment-grade fixed-income securities as measured by the major rating agencies. Failure to comply with such regulations can lead to significant penalties and reputational injury.

Chubb Limited

Applicable statutes, regulations, and policies may also restrict the ability of these subsidiaries to write insurance and reinsurance policies, to make certain investments, and to distribute funds.

These reserves are recorded in Unpaid losses and loss expenses in the consolidated balance sheets.

In general, we seek to place our reinsurance with highly rated companies with which we have a strong trading relationship. ACE USA has grown, in part, from the leveraging of cross-marketing opportunities with our other operations to take advantage of our organization’s global presence.

Chubb Limited – Investor Relations

A competitive strength of our international operations is our global network and breadth of insurance programs, which assist individuals and business organizations to meet their risk management objectives, while also giving us the advantage of accessing local technical expertise, accomplishing a spread of risk, and offering a global network to service multinational accounts.


It may be helpful to assess the quality of management by comparing the information in the press release to the information in the accompanying K Fhubb Report statement of earnings and operation as management may choose to highlight particular information in the press release. These asset allocation targets are derived from sophisticated asset and liability modeling that measures correlated histories of returns and volatility of returns.

Competition in the insurance and reinsurance markets could reduce our margins. Although our investment guidelines stress diversification of risks and conservation cuhbb principal and liquidity, our investments are subject to cjubb risks and risks inherent in individual securities.

Cash flow is generated from LPT contracts can cause significant variances to premiums, losses and loss expenses, and expense ratios in the periods in which they are written. Furthermore, any reduction in par value would decrease our ability to pay dividends as a repayment of share capital which is not subject to Swiss withholding tax. Our policy acquisition cost ratio Our fixed income portfolio is primarily invested in high quality, investment-grade securities.

Catastrophes can be caused by various events, including hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, hailstorms, drought, explosions, severe winter weather, fires, war, acts cchubb terrorism, nuclear accidents, political instability, and other natural or man-made disasters, including a global or other wide-impact pandemic or chbub significant cyber-attack.

Keogh joined AIG in The net impact of these Our Bermuda commercial re insurance subsidiaries would submit their first 1k0 filings under the new requirements in We use the modeled outputs and related analyses to assist us in decision-making e.

Chubb Limited – Investor Relations – Financials – Annual Reports

The modeled outputs and related analyses are subject to various assumptions, uncertainties, model errors and the inherent limitations of any statistical analysis, including the use of historical internal and industry data.

Both current and future foreign operations could be adversely affected by unfavorable geopolitical developments including law changes, tax changes, chugb restrictions, government leadership changes, political events and upheaval, sociopolitical instability, and nationalization of our operations without compensation.

We intend to retain material trademark rights in perpetuity, so long as it satisfies the use and registration requirements of applicable countries.

In particular, the European Union’s EU executive body, the European Commission, implemented a new capital adequacy and risk management regulations for the European insurance industry, known as Solvency II, which aims to establish a revised set of EU-wide capital requirements and risk management standards that replaced the Solvency I requirements.


Our life insurance investments typically focus on longer duration bonds to better match the obligations of this business. We have exposure to counterparties through reinsurance and in various industries, including banks, hedge funds and other investment vehicles, and derivative transactions that expose us to credit risk in the event our counterparty fails to perform its obligations.

Net paid losses cumulative as of: As the breadth and complexity of our security infrastructure continues to grow, the potential risk of a Security Event increases.

Although reinsurance agreements contractually obligate our reinsurers to reimburse us for an agreed-upon portion of our gross paid losses, reinsurance does not discharge our primary liability to our insureds and, chubn, we ultimately remain liable for the gross direct losses. 10m laws may discourage potential acquisition proposals and may delay, deter, or prevent a change of control of Chubb, including transactions that some or all of our shareholders might consider to be desirable.

Account Information Already have an account? Our investment portfolio is invested Additionally, recent legislative, regulatory and treaty proposals in the United States would impose certain earnings stripping limitations chuubb reduce potential tax treaty benefits with respect to Chubb and its affiliates if the Section Chbub is calculated to be at least 60 percent.

For additional information regarding the investment portfolio, including breakdowns of the sector and maturity distributions, refer to Note 3 to the Consolidated Financial Statements, under Item chugb. Regulators in countries where we have operations are working with the International Association of Insurance Supervisors IAIS to consider changes to insurance company supervision, including with respect to group supervision and solvency requirements.

With the exception of certain structured settlements, for which the timing and amount of future claim payments are reliably determinable, and certain reserves for unsettled claims that are discounted in statutory filings, our loss reserves are not discounted for the time value of money.

Examples include proportional property where the reinsurer shares a proportional part of the premiums and losses of the ceding company and per risk excess of loss treaty reinsurance where coverage applies on a per risk basis rather than per event or aggregate basis, together with casualty 10l workers’ compensation and specialty lines crop and terrorism.