When looking for a used DECKEL FP1 for sale, it is helpful to make sure that the instructions manual and operating instructions, the data sheet spec are also. New electical cabinet with emergencystop. Safety hood with electrical switch. Collets with sleeve S20x2 Drill chuck. Some toolholders and tooling. Add to cart.

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Angle table Deckel FP1.

Rebuilding an old Deckel FP1

All the heads could be driven backwards deckell forwards across the top of the main column to provide an in-out feed, while the tables bolted to a flat, vertical T-slotted table equipped with power longitudinal and vertical feeds.

Feucht, Germany dealership location.

The motor, mounted on the back of the machine on an exposed platform, can easily be changed. I have now removed some messages to make room. Yes, Declel received a messang about it.

Deckel FP1 Wpqw9am0e more. Generally a single-lip cutter was employed, ground to the shape required for the job. Originally Posted by dcsipo. Originally Posted by Erik. By early 50’s and with veckel introduction of new versions of FP1, fp2 and other high-quality milling machines and accessories a new company was created, separate from camera products. Keep it for 6 months and figure out if you edckel a “Deckelite”.


Deinze, Belgium dealership location. Kaufungen, Germany dealership location. A shear pin, hidden under the rotating spring above the coolant pump, was fitted to protect the table-drive mechanism against overloading.

Since you have one of the changewheel models, you could extend the one or few sets of changewheels using a separate small motor on a VFD.

The angle was checked with a vernier protractor. FP1 Y stroke mm KW total power requirement 1. Heads Several types of vertical head and cutter supports were available: Again, you can get all the toys for almost all the Deckels, but it is very rare to find A selection of punch tools made on the Deckel FP. The powerfeeds are on a single lever in the case of the FP-1, and it becomes a familiar place to reach again, right in front of you.

Want to sell machines? Universal swivel-base base on tight-angle arm.

Machineseeker Trust Seal

When looking for a used DECKEL FP1 for sale, it is helpful to make sure that the instructions manual and operating instructions, the data sheet spec are also available, best as pdf. Available 6 months after delivery, on the mechanics of us partially reconditioned single-layered.

The spindle ran in specially made, high-precision ball bearings and had 21 speeds and 6 rates of feed. Buying used FP1 often is an occasion, cheap and has the advantage of immediate availability.


For sale: A used Deckel FP1 Dividing Head FVT with Handwheel

Verification of the telephone accessibility the main phone number. Standard Vertical Head – driven f1p internal gearing by the main motor. Corner Milling Spindle Head Another unit intended for use in workshops producing mould and die tooling where access to internal corners and edges was difficult. Thanks for your help. Now the thing with the FP-2’s is that they most likely surpass the BP by a fair margin in cutting power, but it is much harder to find attachments for.

Metzingen, Germany dealership location. General Layout Constructed in an ingenious way, the layout of the spindle-drive system was both compact and effective: Although purchased over two years ago the machine has been stored in the garage until I commenced the rebuild in September last year, although some preparatory work was undertaken earlier.

Does your mill have the same lever controlled gearbox as my machine?

Right-angle accessory table for the FP.