APOSTOLICAM ACTUOSITATEM populi Dei impensiorem reddere volens, Sacrosancta Hoc in decreto Concilium apostolatus laicorum naturam, indolem et. Translations in context of “ii decreto apostolicam actuositatem” in Portuguese- English from Reverso Context. Vom Ursprung einer ek- klesiologischen Trilogie, Bonn Garcia Gömez, M., El decreto conciliar «Apostolicam Actuositatem»: Historia y comentario.

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Now, in view of the progress of social institutions and the the fast- moving pace of modern society, the global nature of the Church’s mission requires that apostolic enterprises of Catholics should more and more develop organized forms in the international sphere. Pius XII, allocution to cardinals, Feb.

Pastors must clearly state the principles concerning the purpose of creation and the use of temporal things and must offer the moral and spiritual aids by which the temporal order may be renewed in Christ. A added it Feb 04, Among the signs of our times, the irresistibly increasing sense of the solidarity of all peoples is especially noteworthy.

IIDecreto Apostolicam Actuositatem16. Hoc modo, per amicitiam et communicationem experientiae, sese mutuo spiritualiter adiuvantes confirmantur ad incommoda vitae et actionis nimis segregatae superanda atque ad fructus uberiores apostolatus ferendos. Yet compared to the previous magisterium, the speech had a significant novelty: Wiseman — ironically the one who had encouraged him to conversion — and, later, with Card.

Through this holy synod, the Lord renews His invitation to all the laity to come closer to Him every day, recognizing that what is His is also their own Phil. Indeed, by the precept of charity, which is the Lord’s greatest commandment, all the faithful are impelled to promote the glory of God through the coming of His kingdom and to obtain eternal life for all men-that they may know the only true God and Him whom He sent, Jesus Christ cf. Studeant catholici cooperari cum omnibus bonae voluntatis hominibus ad promovenda quaecumque sunt vera, quaecumque iusta, quaecumque sancta, quaecumque amabilia cf.

Apostolicam actuositatem

The formation for the apostolate presupposes a certain human and well-rounded formation adapted to the natural abilities and conditions of each lay person. Indeed, the organic union in this body and the structure of the members are so compact that the member who fails to make his proper contribution to the development of the Church must be said to be useful neither to the Church nor to himself.

The most holy council earnestly recommends these associations, which surely answer the needs of the apostolate of the Church among many peoples and countries, and invites the clergy and laity working in them to develop the above-mentioned characteristics to an ever greater degree and to cooperate at all times with all other forms of the apostolate in a fraternal manner in the Church.


Frequently they move too quickly into a new social and economic status. Ne desinant ergo qualitates et dotes his condicionibus congruentes sibi collatas assidue excolere, propriisque uti donis a Spiritu Sancto acceptis.

Apostolicam Actuositatem: Decree On The Apostolate Of The Laity by Second Vatican Council

By the same token young people should cultivate toward adults respect and trust, and although they are naturally attracted to novelties, they should duly appreciate praiseworthy traditions. Chapter III analyzes the various fields of apostolate — ecclesial communities, the family, youth, society, the national and international orders —, bringing thus to a practical level what in Lumen gentium and in the first chapters of this Decree were formulated only at the level of principles.

Varios quidem modos relationum ad Hierarchiam apostolatus laicorum admittit secundum varias eiusdem apostolatus formas et obiecta.

One reads this in the writings of Fr. Ad hunc apostolatum exercendum Spiritus Sanctus, decfeto populi Dei sanctificationem per ministerium et sacramenta operatur, fidelibus peculiaria quoque tribuit dona cf. Omnis navitas Corporis Mystici hunc in finem directa apostolatus dicitur quem Ecclesia per omnia sua membra, variis quidem modis, exercet; vocatio enim christiana, natura sua, vocatio quoque est ad apostolatum.

Italicam4 sept.

We wish to list here the more important fields of action, namely, church communities, the family, youth, the social milieu, and national and international levels. This is done mainly through the ministry of the Word and the sacraments, entrusted in a special way to the clergy, wherein the laity also have their very important roles to fulfill if they are to be “fellow workers for the truth” 3 John 8.

At the same time, as a living member and witness of the Church, he renders the Church present and active in the midst of temporal affairs. This formation should be deemed the basis and condition for every successful apostolate.

Indeed, the history of theology and the theology of history are interwoven and mutually reinforce each other. Then, I shall present the situation of the laity in the period prior to Vatican II starting from the beginning of the last century from a threefold perspective: For this reason, pity for the needy and the sick and works of charity and mutual aid intended to relieve human needs of every kind are held in highest honor by the Church.

According to the plan and the will of God, nature would reflect God and would pull upwards to the Creator. By example especially they should teach them little by little to be solicitous for the material and spiritual needs of their neighbor.

Whether the lay apostolate is exercised by the faithful as individuals or as members of organizations, it should decgeto incorporated into the apostolate of the whole Church according to a right system of relationships. Catholics skilled in public affairs and adequately enlightened in faith and Christian doctrine should not refuse to administer pubic affairs since by doing this in a worthy manner they can apostolocam further the common good and at the same time prepare the way for the Gospel.


Luke Langley rated it really liked it Aug 27, Caritas autem Dei actuositayem “diffusa est in cordibus nostris per Spiritum Sanctum, qui datus est nobis” Rom. Apostolatus in fide, spe et caritate exercetur quas Spiritus Sanctus in cordibus omnium Ecclesiae membrorum diffundit.

Newman’s ideas concerning the acttuositatem of the laity manifested its full potential during his short stint in Ireland, and for a while its development looked promising. Since, in our own times, new problems are arising and very serious errors are circulating which tend to undermine the foundations of religion, the moral order, and human society itself, this sacred synod earnestly exhorts actuostatem according to his own gifts of intelligence and learning-to be more diligent in doing what they can to explain, defend, and properly apply Christian principles to the problems of our era in accordance with the mind of the Church.

Apostolicam Actuositatem: Decree On The Apostolate Of The Laity

AAS 18p. They bring to the Church people who perhaps are far removed from it, earnestly decretp in presenting the word of God especially by means of catechetical instruction, and offer their special skills to make the care of souls and the administration of the temporalities of the Church more efficient and effective. Sacred Scripture clearly shows how spontaneous and fruitful such activity was at the very beginning of the Church cf.

In fact, only the pooling of actuowitatem is capable of fully achieving all the aims of the modern apostolate and firmly protecting its interests. Ita Hierarchia, actusitatem iuxta adiuncta diversimode ordinans, aliquam eius formam cum suo proprio munere apostolico arctius coniungit, servata tamen utriusque propria natura et distinctione, nec proinde laicorum ablata necessaria facultate sua sponte agendi.

In the course of history, the use of temporal things has been marred by serious vices. Adults ought to engage in such friendly discussion with young people that both age groups, overcoming the age barrier, may become better acquainted and share the special benefits each generation can offer the other. Laici ergo, hanc Ecclesiae missionem exsequentes, apostolatum suum exercent tam in Ecclesia quam in mundo, tam in ordine spirituali quam in ordine temporali: AAS 51pp. Ex horum charismatum, etiam simpliciorum, acceptione, pro unoquoque credentium ius et officium oritur actuoxitatem in bonum hominum et aedificationem Ecclesiae exercendi in Ecclesia et in mundo, in libertate Spiritus Sancti, qui “ubi vult spirat” Io.