Dirtside II. Summary of the Game; What You Think of the Game; Online Rules cover armor, infantry, artillery, combat walkers, and aerospace support forces. Dirtside II is a comprehensive set of generic rules for simulating science fiction battles in virtually any background or “future history”. The system covers. Dirtside II is an SF micro-armor miniatures game by Ground Zero Games (GZG) of The FMA die-roll system also solves one of the problems of miniatures rules.

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The c3 and combat systems are quite elegant.

I spent a bit on separate packs and mixed and matched. Nicolas Baban pirate indy. Dirtskde have flaws such as tears, pen marks or highlighting, large creases, stains, marks, a loose map, etc. The imperial guard became planetary defence forces. If excessively worn, they will be marked as “card worn.

Dirtside II House Rules

This reflects the missing crew member s. I never got involved with GW at all for virtside years although I did keep in touch with what they were doing through the magazines. Players take the roles of “Combat Group Commanders,” leading ad-hoc battle formations composed of multiple platoon-sized elements.

Finally the Ground Zero Games figures became the Imperial guard grunts.

Each player moves an entire unit. Units get two sections to dirtwide phase, movement and combat action. It is a nice sci-fi micro armour game though, and comes with its own points and vehicle construction system. Ski May 6, at 4: Jon Tuffley jon gzero.

Very well used, but complete and useable.

Bigger vehicles can have heavier armor and bigger guns, but they’re more expensive and easier to hit. Martin Pohl Back to Top Share this: Fair Very didtside used, but complete and useable. Uncle Brian May 5, at 6: If any of these tests kick the Morale below RO, the unit simply disperses, or surrenders.


Finally got to try Dirt Side II.

Dirtside II

Errata, questions and answers, and variant rules. First I needed a set of rules that would give a satisfying result without feeling like a souped up ultra modern set. They can move first and then fire or fire then move. For example, “SW NM ” durtside shrink wrapped in near-mint condition. As the dirstide we allow a unit to go down at one time is 3 levels, you stop rolling now, and the unit remains at BR. These little bugs roll d12 for calling fire down, and are incredible force multipliers. That was an interesting find.

The rules are somewhat ambiguous when it comes to vehicles taking up cover. Home Back to Results. I’ve played SG2 a couple times, it’s a very good “hard sci-fi” type of rules, much more realistic and deadly than dirtsied like 40K’s space opera.

Chen-song May 5, at 6: Gradually other interests came and went and somewhere in the process I moved from England to Spain. These rules represent these Observation Posts OPs on table, and introduce fog-of-war restrictions for both sides:.

When first I read through the rules, I thought, “Oh no – they’re horribly complicated and difficult to understand. All in all, a great game at a good price. Epic was tried and discarded. It was just too much for dirtskde to get to grips with what seems skirmishing with nuclear weapons. Rulees enjoyed the 40k fluff but warhammer 40k never really interested me. A points system allows competing forces to be compared, and a vehicle design system allows players to add innovative vehicles.


DS2 is quite different.

Lightly used, but almost like new. Groundside combat in a far flung future. Due to the nature of loose counters, if a game is unplayable it may be returned for a refund of the purchase price.

Still in the original factory shrink wrap, with condition visible through shrink noted.

Dirtside II House Rules | The Warbard

Especially with SG2’s cohesion values 2″ apart etc. However, the game does need you to put down counters, something that doesn’t appeal to everyone. IMO that would accurately reflect the time it takes to find a good, true HULL DOWN position as opposed to just rushing up and using a judgement call to dirtxide yourself and rrules a shot off quickly.

The way that GW is treating Epic I fear for its future, so I guess I’ll be playing a lot more Dirtside from now on, at the very least a lot more for the next year or so.

A “minus” sign indicates the opposite. IMO the points idrtside favors heavy antitank missiles too much, but that all depends on your take of future warfare.

Dirtslde combat system includes factors such as the type of weapon you’re using, how big it is, what the range is, how big the enemy is and thus how easy they are to hityour targeting abilities, the enemy armor, and in the case of missiles and air combat the enemy’s defensive systems. It has a vehicle damage system based on drawing chits, which is liked by some but hated by others.