Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to present Dragonstar, a unique space fantasy campaign setting for use with the d20 System. This book, the Starfarer’s. 8 Products Shop at Noble Knight Games for Dragonstar (d20) by Fantasy Flight Games – part of our Full Inventory collection. New, used, and Out-of-Print. Other than the missing ones (navigation, spelljammer helm use — see the Spelljamer d20 thread). So, I was wondering if all you Dragonstar.

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Your universe just got a whole lot bigger than you ever dreamed it could be, and that can make you feel kind of small. The Dragon Empire has never endorsed the Dualist Heresy, but neither is it suppressed.

The queen pledges her loyalty to the Emperor, though the clans under her rule serve many of the Houses of Asamet. Excellent, thank you for the comments. Nasuit taught that there were only a dozen true gods in the universe, and they created the same creatures on just about every planet they blessed with the gift oflife. It’s dangerous to paint any racial group with such a broad brush.

When you’re heading into unknown territory or you have to move lots of people or cargo, you need a starship.

Dragonstar: Starfarer’s Handbook (d20 Roleplaying System) – PDF Free Download

The invaders mounted a huge, black sheet-it was several stories high and dark as night-atop the front gates of the Imperial Palace and set up a stage below it, framed by two sets of large boxes, one to each side. From a dragon’s point of view, this makes human behavior hard to predict. Well, who’s to say the gods have anything against the dragons? We don’t have the luxury of choosing the moral inclinations of those we serve with, or those we serve. It’s the same on my planet, the same on yours, and the same on just about every planet in the Dragon Empire.

Dwarves and gnomes are unabashed exploiters of the natural world, and this alone is enough to earn the distrust of many elves. Their respect doesn’t mean that the dwarves don’t covet the dragons’ power. While this magic might be unfamiliar to us, the humanity in the empress’s eyes, the pain we could see there, was as real as anything we’d ever seen. For urgent missions or messages, high-level sorcerers are sometimes dispatched to teleport between the stars.


Brutorz Bill’s

Very d220 gnomes dragnstar converted to Dualism, and those who have usually worship the Creator. I plan to introduce space travel into my own campaign, and want a set of rules that will work with my campaign. Sorcerers believe-and the dragons, at least officially, seem dragondtar agree with them–that their arcane abilities flow from the dragon blood that runs in their veins. May show very small spine creases or slight corner wear. While the Legions have their own command structure, under Mezzenbone’s rule the drow of the ISPD can step in and take over an operation whenever they like.

People are to be judged by their personal actions, not their inclinations or the tendencies of their race. Many half-orcs worship the Warrior, as the themes of strength and prowess in battle resonate with them.

Despite the fact that they’re usually chaotic evil, they band together for short times in hordes capable of threatening even the most powerful empires. Without evil, there is no good. Today, under Mezzenbone, we’re in the dawn of the Red Age. Gnomes have always taken easily to the sciences, so the development oftechnology has been a boon dtagonstar them. John Caspian, prince to a deposed and murdered king, working to someday exact my revenge on those who had betrayed my father and stolen my birthright.

To them, such niceties are a waste of time-time better spent enjoying life instead of tiptoeing around dragonsatr easily bruised sensitivities.

Like all elves, drow do not sleep, instead placing themselves into a trance for four hours every day, usually at night. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Some have managed to climb the social ladder by gathering wealth, power, or both, but the long-lived races have one important advantage: Gnomes and halflings are a bit more tolerant than most, but half-orcs feel most at home with half-elves and humans. Solar System Record Sheet: And things so monstrous they almost defied description. Fair Very well used, but complete and useable.


If your half-dragon character has a parent of a race with a level equivalent, you should x20 it to the halfdragon’s. They’re just the agents of the real powers in the galaxy: I was in still in shock, my mind swimming. There is one tenet emphasized by every court and every institution in the Dragon Empire. Eventually, reports began to filter in from the outlying regions and beyond. Elves are on good terms with most of the short-timers-those races with substantially shorter life spans-with the notable exception of the ores, who they view as unrepentant despoilers of nature.

Despite these differences, drow share many traits with the surface elves. Mezzenbone, in fact, is thought to be the most dragondtar of all the emperors to date.

Dragonstar (d20) Full Inventory from Fantasy Flight Games – Noble Knight Games

Dwarf-dragons are another matter, of course. This will keep things simple and insure that your character’s heritage is merely drzgonstar, rather than bizarre.

Already at that point in my life, I’d seen a lot of strange things. They’re all represented on planets and in outposts throughout the galaxy.

No one knows if the gods play favorites: Collectively, ores haven’t made friends with any of the other races, either. True, there’s also more violence, hatred, bitterness, despair, and danger than your little world could ever contain.

Halflings are a good-hearted people, and the other races generally look upon them fondly. Half-dragons vary a lot in appearance, depending on the color of the dragon parent and the race of its mate. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Just about every civilized planet hosts several halfling cultural celebrations every year. This, of course, gives the bards, romantics, and reactionaries something to complain about, but progress marches on.

A PC group can be made up of character races and classes in any combination and be rationally integrated with little work.