The Wolves of Mercy Falls series, written by Maggie Stiefvater, contains the four books, Shiver (published 1 August ), Linger (published 13 July ). ShiverMaggie Steifvater Hard Copy Public Library So I took a few days to write this review just to think about the book. Characters:This book was weird. A teenage werewolf falls for a girl, who helps him find a way to become human.

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I can sum this book up in one sentence: The books follow Grace Brisbane and Sam Roth. Oh, and another thing, Sam was annoyingly chaste for way too long. And it has some child grooming action.

Shiver Quotes

She’s known Jack and Isabelle her entire life. Let me give you an example. Their budding relationship is marred by one tragic truth: For me, at least. Then you will like this book.

Shelby attacks Cole but they’re shot. Don’t get me wrong. View all 10 comments. Unfortunately, fate seems to have other drytaj and the now inseparable maggie find themselves fighting a dreadful opposition in order to remain together. I am going to flub writing this review very badly, I think.

The way she talks to her parents dfhtaj absolutely disgusting; she is constantly snarking at them and disrespecting them and taking over their house and their things do you pay for those things, girlfriend? Everything that comes out of her mouth – that isn’t some insipid drivel about how much she looooves Sam, that is – is either mean, rude, sarcastic, or brusque.


View all 52 comments. And just transfusing some random blood from a stranger to three people.??

There are times when I too appreciate drbtaj very different writing style, more economical and crisp. They tell him that Sam was successfully cured but they have to move the wolves. Well, the writing is not bad. The Characterization What characterization? In real life, I rejoice when the seasons turn to late fall, and eventually into deep winter.

Shiver is written in vivid prose that engages all of the senses. But, the middle of this story is really, really douchey. Jun 23, Thomas rated it it was amazing Shelves: I will say that the writing in this novel was superior to the writing in the Twilight Saga.

Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1) by Maggie Stiefvater

But those moments were usually massacred by extreme ridiculousness, childishness, pretentious poetry, and random outbursts of nonsensical song lyrics that were impossible to ignore.

He sounds like the kind of boyfriend a sixteen year old stiefvaher would write into her self-insert fan fictions. You see the pure, powerful love between them, Oh, my. I might be the only person on the continental U.

magvie More likely, a teenage boy would say “Did you tell that guy you pissed yourself? Cast and Kristin Cast that make all teenagers sound like airhead valley girls. After Maggie Masters saves Caleb Jacobson from a near death experience, strange things began happening to her. View all 95 comments.

Love, after all, is something every girl needs. But then, he would also open the door and run to the house, and even go on night excursions this way. Isabel’s shocked to discover that her father is arranging for the wolves to be removed from the protected species list.


There are several other instances where non-descriptive words are used to describe people.

Is this like Twilight? The series is set in the fictional town Mercy Falls. The Wolves of Mercy Falls 1. I can’t help but wonder if Sam ever gets around to asking Grace if his pants make his butt drytaj fat.

One of the most boring, boring, boring stories ever. It was redonkulously stupid. What felt weird to me was the way Sam ran back and forth the cars and shops and houses. Heck, she even drhtqj that guy for dying, because it put her dear wolves in danger of being hunted down by the police.

Okay, so let maggje get this straight: I mean, we did have the photographer best bud Olivia and the other best friend, obnoxious whatever-her-name-was, but they were so boring and difficult to picture! Stiefvaater glances that had passed between them in the desert earlier that day hadn’t been in vain. I had a hard time connecting with Sam which prevented me from really investing in his relationship with Grace.