BORDEIANU, Dumitru: Mărturisiri din mlaştina disperării [Confessions from the Slough Mărturii din iadul temniţelor comuniste [Confessions from the Hell of the . Dumitru Bordeianu Marturii Din Mlastina Disperarii. Uploaded by. Claudiu Onea. Statistical Analysis With ArcView GIS. Uploaded by. Claudiu Onea. Uploaded by. Paul · Gafencu. Uploaded by. Paul · Uploaded by. Paul .

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Documentar. Marturii din mlastina disperarii Video (Author: Dumitru Bordeianu)

A dead man with live eyes. It was meant to transform a re- ligious legionary into an atheist communist mind. A big hulking fellow, dressed in a sheepskin-coat of sentinel reaching down to the earth, having a bunch of keys in the right hand. After we have dug enough pits, then we will execute you as well.

You, bandits, are you still legionar- ies? Was I brought here with significance to be tried, or does my bringing here have another purpose? Wikipedia] brigadier general, sub-director-general of the General Directorate of People’s Security; [3, 4] 32 That the disclos- ures had not ceased, and that we would be those who would do the disclosures, told all.

The poor, had no more discernment and neither will, they were pretty much mad. However, the first one is not the first, because “[urcanu had man y help-mates. He controlled, veri- fied, directed them, ordering the torture methods as well.

And I thought him to be a Bessarabian Russian. In spite of the fact, I have not considered it as being a purely human-rights subject. He was kept alive at the orders of Nicolski, and at the request of the Russians, in order to de- clare all he knew about the activity of the legionary youth in the country and in Bessarabia. As in communism nothing could be done accidentally, but organized and worked out to the smallest details, also that talk had been arranged in time.


Those asked them to make de- clarations of good will through which they told how they had acted, what methods they had used, what results they had obtained, and how much time they needed for each young man to make him yield.

It was Jurcanu in person! The detainees from the south of Moldavia, from the Vaslui and the Bacau and as far as the Mil- cov [Read approximately: The predecessor of the Securitate. You could not read, however, in his eyes the assurance of power, of self-possession, of ar- rogance and pride, but the attitude of a servant servile towards the principal butcher.

Nmarturisiri din mlastina disperarii pdf

All the persons involved in it pro- ceeded in a conspirative manner in that activity of theirs. He began to vomit with congealment of blood, and a drop of blood flowed out of the ear.

On opening, when sergeant Roman [Read approximately: Therefore, they must have had a certain control over the subsequent respective non-communist states and societies as well. The End of E-Book At him, I had always observed a special respect that he bore to me. He was known in all the prisons as one of the most odious butchers and murderers. If you don’t understand this of good will, you’ll do it from fear of death.


He and his masters, general Nicolski and colonel Zeller. Nikolschi said something what made the others laugh.

Mlastinw reserved for meetings of the prison staff, it was changed into a court-room for trial. There can be made at least two remarks. Then, there were arranged ‘unit meetings’ and ‘faculty meetings,’ where there mlawtina photographed Moisiu [Read ap- proximately: I cannot remem- ber how much I stayed like that, but quite a lot, in order that the officer read in my eyes what he had never seen. About us we believe everything in the internet must be free.

Full text of “The Violent Spiritual Engineering In Piteşti”

There was photographed a ‘nest meeting in the frame- work of the faculty,’ we having been divided into units, exactly as written in the ‘Booklet of the Nest Chief. Further, it seems to me that the inven- tion of those concrete forms of torture is conditioned upon a thorough knowledge of the Christian ideo- logy and human psychology.

He looked like a dead man. We had the right to appeal, but none of us lodged it for the simple reason that up to that time no appeal had changed the sentence in favor of the condemned, but on the contrary, there were mlaxtina when the sentence knew an increase.