The Original grounded grid triode introduced in the early s. Now obsolete part number. Power dissipation: w. EIMAC Z. Later version of Z. The EIMAC Z is a compact power triode intended to be used as a zero- as high as twenty times can be obtained with the Z in a cathode-driven. Tube Z or Röhre Z ID, Transmitting Triode, air cooled, SPECIAL TUBEBASE in Brand: Eimac (brand name) Typ ZG mit Graphitanode.

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The Elmac Z is a compact power triode intended to be used as a zero-bias Class AB 2 amplifier in audio or radio-frequency applications. Operation with zero grid bias simplifies associated circuitry by eliminating the bias supply. In addition, grounded-grid operation is attractive since power gain as high as twenty times can be obtained with the Z in a cathode-driven simac.

These figures may change without notice as the result of additional data or product refinement. Thoriated Tungsten Voltage 5. See zero-bias operation in Application Section Eimxc value Per tube Nominal drive power is one-half peak power.

These conditions assume rectangular 3-500zz waveform and a third harmonic, high-efficiency “Tyler” circuit Approximate value NOTE: Adjustment of the rf grid voltage to obtain the specified plate current at the specified bias and plate voltages is assumed. If this procedure is followed, there will be little variation in output power when the tube is changed, even though there may be some variation in grid current. The grid current which results when the desired plate current is obtained is incidental and varies from tube to tube.

These current variations cause no difficulty so long as the circuit maintains the correct voltage in the presence of the variations in current. If grid bias is obtained principally by means of a grid resistor, the resistor must be adjustable to obtain the required bias voltage when the correct rf grid voltage is applied.

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3-500Z Tubes

A flexible connecting strap should be provided between the heat dissipating plate connector and the external plate circuit. The tube must be protected from severe vibration and shock. When a socket other than the SK is used, provisions must be made for equivalent cooling of the base, the envelope, and the plate lead. Otherwise, even though the base of einac tube is reinforced, damage to the base seals may result.

When handling a glass tube, remember that glass is a relatively fragile material, and accidental breakage can result at any time. Breakage will result in in flying glass fragements, so safety glasses, heavy clothing, and leather gloves are recommended for protection.

Air flow requirements to maintain the above maximum temperatures are tabulated below For operation below 30 MHz. The anode of the operates at a visibly red color at its maximum rated dissipation of Watts.

In all cases, air flow rates in excess of the minimum requirements will prolong tube life.

Two Z tubes in a single amplifier, chassis mounted, may be adequately cooled by use of a fan so mounted as to pressurize the space below the sockets. Fans suitable for use at or near sea level are Pamotor Modelor Model The Rotron “Spartan” fan rpm is also suitable, as is a 3, 3 inch squirrel cage blower 31 00 rpm all cases, the only criteria of proper cooling is the temperature of the tube seals Tube 3-050z may be measured with the aid of temperature sensitive paint, spray or crayon.

Filament voltage, as measured at the socket, should be maintained within the range of 4. For best tube life, the inrush current to the filament should be limited to two times normal current during turn-on.


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This will minimize thermal stress on the thoriated-tungsten filament wire, which can cause internal tube geometry changes with repeated cycling. Design equipment so that no one can come in contact with high voltages. All equipment must 33-500z safety enclosures for high voltage circuits and terminals, with interlock switches to open the primary circuits of the power supply and to discharge high voltage capacitors ei,ac access doors are opened.

Interlock switches must not be bypassed or “cheated” to eimwc operation with access doors open. Intermodulation values listed are those measured at the full peak envelope power noted. For best results with a single-ended amplifier it is suggested that the cathode tank circuit operate at a Q of two or more. Tube dimentions Socket dimentions. Click to go home.

Phone -FAX – This page has ben scanned and OCR’ed from the Eimac data-sheet. Sincere effort has been given to provide an accurate and correct replication.

Z, Tube Z; Röhre Z ID, Transmitting Triod

However, no guaranty is provided for the consequences of any errors on this page, or anyone linked from here. Further, no responsibilities, legal, financial or others will be accepted based 3-500z or connected to this page. It has only been provided to the aide of the Radio Amateur Community.

Interelectrode Capacitance 1 Grounded Filament Connection.