The Networking Architecture of BlazeDS BlazeDS provides a clean separation of the Selection from Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex [Book]. In this example I am going to use Spring+BlazeDS integration API for integrating backend Spring based J2EE layer into client layer Flex. So the User Interface is produced using Flex and to take care of the remoting we can use BlazeDS which is Open Source from Adobe. BlazeDS.

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This Refcard provides a quick overview of BlazeDS. May 15, at 7: The web project is almost ready for deployment, now you just need to add a reference to the BlazeDS library. Among others, the BlazeDS proxy capabilities have three important use cases flec A default configuration file, called services-config.

Accessing EJBs in Flex with Oracle WebLogic and BlazeDS | Adobe Developer Connection

Among others, the BlazeDS proxy capabilities have three important use cases including:. This shared library will be used by the web project. Creating a new JDBC data source.

Kindly post a flex applicaiton where below will be explained. For accessing managed entities like Spring Beans or Enterprise Java Beans EJBsyou can eith the JavaAdapter as the translator but you also need a custom factory to help you access these objects, as managed objects reside in a namespace separate from the one that BlazeDS uses to instantiate its own objects.

Invocation of remote Java methods from a Flex application. If the accessed data is not changing during the course of its reuse it always makes sense to cache it. You can get both compiled and source versions of the software. Flash Builder 4 Download trial. Total number of jar files in lib folder are Some of these are in-built, and some can be obtained from open source projects or can be custom built.


Therefore, multiple server-side messaging alternatives easily work with Flex messaging. In the above class I have used these three basic Spring annotation tag:. Java web application that leverages the Java Servlets specification.

Flex blazeds/lcds AMF serialization for transie | Adobe Community

enterpruse You are commenting using your Facebook account. In order to zip the data transferred from the server to the client, a filter can be created to manipulate and compress the outgoing response. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: On endpoints that support translation and serialization between AS3 and Java or even web servicesa serialization filter is defined to intercept calls to the endpoint.

This value must match the destination in the remoting-config. Follow these steps to create the web application: Creating a new Flex project. Endpoints reside at the BlazeDS end.

The information is supplied in file named remoting-config. By this article I am going to share the basic and essential part of this API that helps to understand the integration process.

A channel can be configured as follows: Source files of example projet: In the above steps cross check the context root name for this application. Data pushing in a web application context implies the server sending data to a browser-based client without the client necessarily requesting it.

Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex by Tony Hillerson

The last step is to display the Regions wiht a grid and the Countries in a second grid. Servlet filters can intercept requests to and responses from a Java Servlet.

If you encounter problems, you can check your source code against witu HrFlexApp. Remoting-config, proxy-config and messaging-config contain configuration pertaining to remote procedure calls, proxy services and message services respectively. January 19, at 5: BlazeDS remoting services optimally combine a Flex client and a Java server and allow a developer to distribute workload across the wire in ways without necessarily imposing the overheads that loose coupling like XML based interactions over HTTP and web services do.


The license is Euro so it is no big deal. The method tag tells Flex that whenever the getAllTopics Method is called the return value will be handled by the dlex method which is defined like this.

Using Flex, BEA Workshop, and BlazeDS for Enterprise RIAs

Simply put, at the heart of BlazeDS is a Servlet that bootstraps the infrastructure that intercepts all calls between a Flex client and the BlazeDS instance. Setting an Eager Fetch on the Region entity.

BlazeDS based message services leverage two types of built-in adapters, namely: Now all the configuration lavel part is done and move to Class lavel coding.

The following sections include a few more in context configuration illustrations. If you unable to find any of these listed jar files then you can manually download this from http: This file is the main BlazeDS configuration, and it’s used to define the channels, the factories in this case the EJB factoryand the other BlazeDS configuration files. BlazeDS does not include Java NIO implementations for its communication channels but it’s not very difficult to include one. It enables debugging of the Flex application and without that you are completely lost.

Besides, demoting BlazeDS can also act as a proxy server and help access data from domains that are not explicitly trusted via a crossdomain.