Mourning Becomes Electra is a play by Eugene O’Neill that was first See a complete list of the characters in Mourning Becomes Electra and in-depth analyses. Free summary and analysis of the events in Eugene O’Neill’s Mourning Becomes Electra that won’t make you snore. We promise. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Mourning Becomes Electra. It helps middle and high school students understand Eugene O’Neill’s.

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But, come now, Lavinia, you can’t mean, can you, I should have asked her permission? She turns her back electga him and walks to the steps woodenly erect and square-shouldered. Eugene O’Neill’s updated version of the Oresteia. And they live in as near the Garden of Paradise before sin was discovered as you’ll find on this earth! Mannon looks at his wife who stares necomes her. But I’ve let it be known that he has heart trouble.

Why don’t you sit down, Christine? He sits on the bench at her right. Use the HTML below. He wears the uniform of an artillery captain in the Union Army. But he got brain fever from the shock. That’s the Mannon look. And what if I were disgraced myself?

Mourning Becomes Electra, by Eugene O’Neill

Merchant marine officer Tom Wingfield reminisces about his life in St. She has a strong chin and a capable, smiling mouth. Lavinia stares at her but remains silent.


I’ve got to explain some things–inside me–to my wife–try to, anyway!

Did Mother tell you you could kiss me? He sits down beside her. The time for skulking and lying is over–and by God I’m glad of it! The facial resemblance, as they stand there, is extraordinary. I don’t want to see anyone! Orin sits at Christine’s feet and recounts his wonderful dreams about the two of them in the South Sea Islands. Death made me think of life.

By the left corner of the house is a big clump of lilacs and syringas. He stops short in the shadow for a second and stands, erect and stiff, as if at attention, staring at his house, his wife and daughter. He sank down and down and my mother worked and supported him. Lavinia stares at him in horror, saying, “For God’s sake—! As soon as you get it, mail it to me here.

A wealthy New England family, the Mannons, await the return of patriarch Ezra, general for the Union army, and son Slectra, a timid young man before becoming an Army officer at the end of the Civil War. Is he feeling any better? He went to the Mexican war and come out a major.

Eugene O’Neill (1888-1953)

Goofs While Orin is standing by a bench where Lavinia is seated, he holds his hat by his side and drops it. She convinces Orin of their mother’s treachery, and proposes that they watch Christine until she goes to meet Brant herself. Not for your love! Orin insists that they must atone for Mother’s death. They don’t want folks to guess their secrets.


Enill would try to make up my mind exactly what that wall was but I never could discover. So please understand this isn’t for your sake. I thought about my life–lying awake nights–and about your life.

I’ve so often seen him sitting there– forcing a little laugh Your silly talk about resemblances–Don’t sit there. The telegraph feller says Lee is a goner sure this time! You wait here until I call you! That’s why I neilp it my duty to write you.

I must put these in water. Adam Brant’s Landlady Thurston Hall Your eyes are shut. Doctor Blake will think so. I love him better than you! She walks up the steps. French and Dutch descended, she is. It was the first time he’d ever struck her. He gives her a sealed envelope, warning her to keep it safely away from Lavinia. But the money didn’t last my father long!

You could never marry. Share this Rating Title: He’d grow to hate the sight of you!