I came across exodus which is the closest Exodus RPG enemies (). submitted 1 month ago by (0 children). Exodus has a Bestiary. Exodus is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game developed by Glutton Creeper In the six months that followed, GCG turned a full Fallout RPG into a thinly . Its bestiary is respectably sized and includes rules for creating new. Exodus RPG Core Bundle [BUNDLE] – This special bundle product contains the following Exodus Post Apocalyptic RPG: Wasteland Bestiary.

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Surely that opener means these are the most enlightened people of the Wasteland, right? Post-Apocalyptic Roleplaying is an rp in just how much you can get away with treading the line, and somehow it manages to succeed.

They keep the peace and make sure supplies are evenly handled, but otherwise don’t really do much active governing and let the majority of dregs and ghuls do what they feel like doing.

It should, because Exodus: Taking beshiary drug again does temporarily remove the penalties for addiction for the drug’s duration, but it doesn’t remove the addiction outright, and of the after-effects stack with previous usage of the drug. The Steel Disciple Cavalier requires five levels of Steel Disciple Knight to enter, and is meant to be both a monster bsstiary combat and an expert at subterfuge. Two, the second motorcycle’s full name is “the Yamahonda Ninja Catapult”, which is the dumbest name I can think of for a stylish racing motorcycle.

They are a brotherhood, one might say. Bethesda Softworks and Glutton Creeper Games. As they’re based on the Yeti from the d20 Menace Manual, they’ve got the Cold subtype and a Constrict attack that deals claw damage and 2d6 points of cold damage. It also manages to start right out of the gate with a pretty useful starting class feature, Desert Survival. Overall, the largest problem with these entries are that they are almost all two or three bestiagy long, and all but the semi truck only discuss the pre-apocalyptic applications of the vehicles in question.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? BGMs look like regular albeit muscular humans with either grayish or jaundiced skin, and were capable of breeding true, leading to a faction of the Mutant Army suddenly having the epiphany of “oh wait, slavery and rape are bad things, aren’t they?

Unsurprisingly, they’re known for being dumb, violent, and cannibalistic. The Vegas Mafia has ties to all of the other villain organizations and is opposed by the Desert Rangers and the Tribal Nation.

Exodus decided that apparently that was one of the places where it would be good to diverge from its source material, and as such as have the horrifying factoid that Trans-Genetic Mutants started creating rape slave camps in to help offset the lowering numbers of the Mutant Army. This chapter details the weapons, armor, and miscellaneous equipment that can be found in the Wasteland.


I’m going to try just normal formatting rather than using the list function for these from now on, as I’ve been bothered rpv how cluttered bullet lists must besgiary my jumbles of words look to others.

Exodus d20/OGL eBooks

The core book can be found here: The only exception to this rule is NEMO, exodu got unofficial Union membership as a loophole in order to avoid sparking a war between the two organizations. The only reason other Wasteland organizations fear NEMO at all is because of their sheer numbers, rather than any actual military skill or technological prowess.

The biggest class feature of the Harvester, though, comes in Way of the Fruit at level 4 of the class. For other class features, there are bonus feats at level 2, 6, and 10 that are mostly either melee combat- or firearms-oriented, Soldier at level 3 grants a free Infrequent or lower rarity firearm and concealed mesh suit courtesy of the Family, level 4 has Magnetic Personality as specified bonus feat, Connected at level 7 grants a contact as per the Investigator from d20 Modern Core, Respected at level 8 lets the Made Man get lodging, food, and prostitutes for free in any town or city where the Family holds sway, and Right Hand of the Devil at level 10 makes it so that there’s a chance equal to the Made Man’s Reputation percent with his Family that members of other gangs including raiders and slavers will either run away or grovel rather than fight.

This allowed Houston to provide a critical service in a world where fusion cells were no longer being produced and older pre-fusion vehicles were coming back into service. I don’t know, and apparently neither did the writers. The bell itself is cow-sized and represents the actual “this is the space you hit” part, but its tendrils expand outward in a bedtiary radius.

Exodus – 1d4chan

Like the Chi Dynasty, NEMO is a xenophobic organization, only accepting members of “La Raza” the book’s use of sxodus, not mine; I feel like I need to reassure that I’m not making shit up from time to time. You and the merchant both make a Barter check opposed to each other. The art sometimes suggests otherwise, but I’m going strictly by what the flavor text and stats are telling us.

The largest families are the drug-dealing Khans, slave labor-owning Sullivans, leg-breaking and mercenary-owning MacDuggins, casino-running Bordellos, and “we exist to be Italian stereotype honor-bound gangsters” Gambinis. You may be shocked and amazed to know that this talent tree mostly deals with uses of the Survival skill.


Also on the more minor bestiaty, there’s Builder as a free bonus feat at level 2, Advanced Rigging at level 6 allows for taking 10 on a Repair check even when threatened or distracted, and Super Rigger at level 10 does the same thing for taking Settlements The last chapter in the Southwest Wasteland Guide, and also unfortunately the least.

They’re actually a cult of isolationists lead by a con man named Smiling Bob, who decided to repackage Scientology as a way of getting cheap coin and servants. The front of an 18 wheeler, with the back stated to be almost impossible to find thanks to how enticing a target they are for bestiady.

If you need supplies, you can take Skilled Hunter to be allowed to make a DC 12 Survival check to find a day’s worth of food or Dowsing Rod to be allowed to make a DC 15 Survival check to find a source of water. In the former category we’ve got bats and vampire bats, grizzly bears and black bears, eagles, seagull flocks, owls, ravens, crocodiles “the American crocodile is native to Mexico, so why not have them expand into California?

Brains Over Brawn at level 2 lets you use Intelligence instead of Strength or Dexterity for attack rolls and ability checks related to those two ability scores, while Historical Navigation is also at level 2 and grants your level of Historic to Navigate and Knowledge Geography checks. Full Base Attack Bonus progression contrasted with Reflex saves being their poor progression is combined with a set of skills unsurprisingly geared toward combat.

The craven has a mutation that makes them a level beyond morbidly obese, a titanic flesh pillar that gains starts with four times the average weight of a human starting character and gets a further 50 pounds heavier every year. Ray gun turrets, Gatling lasers, heavy artillery, and other big time gear is augmented by fusion-powered military vehicles that are meticulously maintained, and plans have been made to try to salvage warships and aircrafts from other military bases that are too radioactive for humans.

Feats In addition to being a thing that already exists in the d20 system, feats in Exodus are explicitly meant to line up with perks.