Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok – Core Rulebook (PNH) [Andrew Valkauskas, Helena Rosova] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok – The Twilight of the gods nears;brother will kill brother,families will be sundered by ages are afoot:an. THE ILLUMINATED EDDA is the brand new complete retelling of both the prose and poetic eddas! #norsemythology #poeticedda.

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Fate of the Norns: The Fate of the Norns line of role playing games are deeply set in Viking history and mythology. FOTN will be turning 20 years old in ! Ragnarok is set in the end times of Viking mythology. At the start of Ragnarok the sun and the moon are devoured by the celestial wolves Skoll and Hati.

This plunges Midgard into darkness, and sets in motion three years of continuous winter called Fimbulvinter. As humanity fights to survive, morality breaks down, creating a very dangerous world. A Viking’s most glorious moment is to die with valour in the heat of battle. For if one does, the Valkyries will take the slain champion to the heavens so that they could fight by the sides of the gods and jotuns in the final battle before Surt baptizes the world tree in fire.

It’s a mix between a table top role playing game and a board game. One player runs the game as the “Norn”, and the other players create characters that go on epic Viking sagas! Each player has a play-mat and a bag of nordic Futhark rune stones. These are used to resolve actions and combat and help tell the tale of a hero and an age of darkness that heralds the end of the world!

Our design mantra is “easy to learn, long to perfect”. The players can create a solid fun character in as little as 5 minutes, or take as long as they would like using optional build components to add personality, back-story and customizing the character build for optimal performance.

Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok 20th anniversary edition by Andrew Valkauskas — Kickstarter

Because we want to create something very special with our fans, and for our fans! Fate of the Norns games have been in digital format for almost 20 years now, utilizing classic art that has defined the Viking myths for a century. With the re-release of the original Fate of the Norns in hard cover print, we feel that it is time to create something new and special that you will love to hold in your hands.

We plan on using the funds for:. As you can see, we have gone quite a ways down the creation path already, but a lot more remains if be done!


Check out our facebook fan page for all news and other venues where FOTN: R will be making an appearance. These will fare poster quality renditions. We also kick in a monsters chapter in the “Denizens of the North”! Every backer will have an opportunity to submit a magical item for our review. If we select it for the book, you get nirns credits for it! Bonus points to anyone tying their item to a historical Viking saga!

It will be the lost saga about the lost history of Old Evingard how fitting! You, our kickstarter patrons, will be the only FOTN players that will know faet befell the legendary town before norhs had to be rebuilt into the Evingard of today at a different location! This saga will take dwellers through the final days of the town before it became the “Ancient Barrows”.

Fate of the Norns : Ragnarok – Core Rulebook – Boutique Philibert EN

Destiny cannot be averted, but your destiny may be take on a different course if you choose to expose yourselves to the uncontrollable magical forces at play in Old Thd. It is a story that must be told, but only to those ready to hear the horrific tale! Bonus points to anyone tying their item to a Fate ragnarrok the Norns previous Saga any edition!

More details to come on price and eligibility. More details to come on material, price and eligibility. We have made it possible to customize your gifts should you require more than what is offered at your favourite pledge level:.

Max 10 sets of runes.

Fate of the Norns : Ragnarok – Core Rulebook

If we spot you with one of these t-shirts at a convention Q4 to Q4we will sign the t-shirt and give you a complimentary piece of swag that we have at our disposal at that moment game accessories, runes, books, different t-shirts, etc Your name will appear under the name of the dweller you created. This extra also has no maximum! If our final page count allows, we may include one or more of these in the main rule book!!!

There are no additional shipping cost for someone already paying shipment fees for their other pledge gifts, however insurance is recommended. Each ring is hand crafted and engraved with a unique number.

What is the Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok 20th Anniversary Edition?

First come, first served- send us a message as soon as you up your pledge for this extra so we can reserve your unique number. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. We will list your name on the Fate of the Norns website as a “backer” of the Fate of the Norns: R Anniversary edition of the Saga: You will receive the adventure 2 weeks before it goes on sale to the rest of the world.


Ragnarok Anniversary Edition photos, concept art and stories from the author and the artists. R custom runes engraved on semi-precious stones. You get 3 hard cover colour interior books of Fate of the Norns: You get credit as a “Svart Alfar” in the backer list. You get 6 hard cover colour interior books of Fate of the Norns: Immortals Boxed set including the Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok Anniversary Edition hard cover colour interior book, fold out poster map, 5 laminated play mats, 5 sets of FOTN: Also included is a PDF of the original FOTN main rulebook as well as high resolution poster printable images of key artwork from the new book.

You get 9 hard cover colour interior books of Fate of the Norns: Boxed set assembled by hand that includes: Ragnarok Anniversary Edition hard cover colour interior book, signed original Fate of the Norns hard cover book. High quality cloth map, 5 hard laminated play mats, 5 sets of FOTN: You get a portfolio of high resolution poster printable images of key artwork from the new book.

You also get credit in the book as one of the three “Norn Benefactors”. Ragnarok Anniversary Edition book. Richard paints a Viking warrior in your likeness, and the image is the header of the donors page in the core rule book.

You create a dweller and name the warrior appropriate Viking name and we use your dweller in the in-book examples as well as making a cameo in the in-book introductory Saga. You get the original mailed to you signed by Richard Kane Ferguson. Andrew flies out to your home city and hosts a weekend long marathon Saga! He will also bring a very special boxed set that he will leave with you it is yours to keep and it comes with a certificate of authenticity as well.

Aug 9, – Sep 16, 38 days. Share this project Done.

Ragnarok 20th anniversary edition. Pages from the upcoming book. Conceptual image of planned boxed set Rulebook, poster map, 5 play mats, 5 sets of runes. Support Select this reward.

Estimated delivery Dec Kickstarter is not a store. It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability.

Estimated delivery Nov Estimated delivery Jan R custom rune stones. Reward no longer available. Reward no longer available 1 backer. Reward no longer available 3 backers.

Estimated delivery Feb Funding period Aug 9, – Sep 16, 38 days.