In this video tutorial David Scandlyn shows you how to create a track matte inside of The Foundry’s Nuke. David uses color correction, Keylight and some other. Learn how to use The Foundry, from beginner basics to advanced techniques, with online video tutorials taught by industry experts. 13h 1m Intermediate Dec 10, Views 59, · 3D Tracking and Nuke Compositing. Preview Course. Nuke tutorial: Composite a CG character into video footage seamlessly. The filmmakers behind the beautiful quirky short film Gloam reveal how they composited.

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Nuke certified trainers Need 1-on-1 training?

Mar 2, Nuke StudioWorkflow 0. For most users, the basic functions and features of Nuke are more than enough to keep them busy for several years. To learn more, click here. Collaboration Explore the power of gizmos, while also learning how to create and expand on Nuke’s core functionality with Python scripting. I learned Nuke using the guides and videos.

Getting Started Nuke Studio for Beginners Perfect for Nuke newcomers, this accessible tutorial series is a great starting point for learning Nuke.

If you get value from the site consider giving value back. The Nuke tutorials page has a host of videos that will help you on your way. Mar 5, 3DExpressionsGizmos 0. Go to Nuke basics tutorials. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Perfect for Nuke newcomers, this accessible tutorial series is a great starting point for learning Nuke compositing and helpful production workflows.


The simplest way to understand Nuke is to watch it in action. This includes personalizing content and advertising. Here are some uses:. Nuke, being such a powerful application, barely takes up a lot of space on your system. Finally, a great resource for scripts, downloads, gizmos, etc.

The Foundry Nuke Crash Course for Beginners (Part One): The Basics

A Gizmo is a group of nodes that can be saved for use by other artists. Nuke tutorial — Create an underwater effect Mar 14, Workflow 0. Nuke Assist is like a mini-Nuke that cannot export add a Write node. Mar 20, VRWorkflow 0. A tutorial on how to create a simple lava animation effect in nuke non commercial.

Even though Nuke runs well on older processors and just 1 GB or RAM, it is recommended to max out your specifications.

Getting Started

Explore the basics of Nuke by following along with a series of practical examples, including sample files. Nuke gives you the option to save scripts manually or automatically at predetermined intervals. With the best support team around or so our customers keep telling uswe’re easy to contact and dedicated to delivering a quick response when you need a hand. Newbies must start with the Getting Started Guide.



The download is only about MB or so. It runs well even on older computers, but starts to lag with larger resolution files.

Mar 20, VR 0. You can access these guides in the Help menu within Nuke.

The Foundry Nuke Crash Course for Beginners (Part One): The Basics – wolfcrow

Nuke is capable of viewing and rendering NukeX plug-ins, but cannot make changes to it. Head to the Community space to access learning resources and assets produced by other Nuke users. This workshop is offered several times a year. Bringing offline edit decisions into Nuke Studio’s timeline, featuring Hugo Guerra for fxphd.

Learn how to stitch moving footage from 7 GoPro camera rig attached to a Snorricam mount to appear What does that mean for the tutorias Mac Pro?