Path of the Warrior written by Gav Thorpe is the first book in the Path of the Eldar Series. It follows Korlandril, starting from the Path of the Artisan, to and through. Gav Thorpe . Death was no stranger to those that trod the Path of the Warrior. turned to Ulthanesh, second greatest warrior of the eldar, sword-bearer, raven-. Bellarius takes a look at the first installment of the recently ended Path of the Eldar series by Gav Thorpe and published by Black Library.

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Also, the additon of the Phoenix Lords in this book was amazing! Jan 04, Biscuitz rated it liked it Shelves: Truly amazing that was.

Speaking of the names, I know that Eldar Warriors cannot be called Bill, or Colin, or anything simple – but it became tiresome trying to work out the floral pronunciations of these characters. Let this be made clear — this would be the equivalent of attacking major imperial sector thofpe base.

This follows three friends as they walk the paths of the warrior, the seer and the outcast. Want to Read saving…. Gav Thorpe has been with Games Workshop for years and written about the universe extensively. Learnt fav good stuff about the Eldar and highly recommend to 40k fans and also to non 40k gamers.

Path of the Warrior (Warhammer 40, : Eldar, book 1) by Gav Thorpe

Gav Thorpe is getting better and better! Path of the Eldar. This is not helped by the speed at which he apparently becomes a great warrior. The story arc is very poor indeed, and remains in essence a let-down. However Thorpe has written better books than this one so don’t judge him on this book alone. My only real complaint was that mid way through the story Korlandril almost ceases character development and a lot of the other characters I liked barely had their time to shine, but being a short story writer myself, I see why Gav did this and the play out was damn near perfect.

Nearly all it’s focus which is understandable is set on the ever-at-war human empire of the Imperium. If you are an eldar player and are willing to accept a lot of flaws in the writing you might want to try looking at Path of the Warriorbut remain cautious about it.


Path of the Warrior (Novel) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Nonetheless, it offers the 40k fans or the Eldar fans to read and understand why there is a need for paths, and what happened to those who tread the path of the warrior,those that heed khaine’s call. But it also feels trite with less details then I would have thought. And I certainly enjoyed it to a degree, enough at least that I am looking forward to continuing with the rest of the series.

It features Korlandril, a rather self-centred Eldar following the Path of the Gzv at the start of the novel, and follows his journey as he discovers death and rage and learns to put on his war mask. Don’t have a Kindle? Revolving around an Eldar sculptor, Korlandril, who has taken to the Path gqv the Artist, after having taken to two other Paths, his tale begins as the other three akin books do, with an old friendly reunion. No spoiler here, but I cried over how bad it is.

If I were to be a dirty, dirty, space elf, I would totally follow the path of the dreamer. Korlandril himself is at first shallow and self-centred, and thinks only of his own pleasures – and then his character shifts to something so different that it feels as though you don’t even know him anymore.

As a protagonist, Korlandril has flaws aplenty. However the story, combined with the other stories which are part of this series, work well and provide a window into the Eldar Race and there isnt hhe content out there for them. The novel is not packed to the gills with battles.

Path of the Warrior

Korlandril, however fails to maintain this important division between the rage and excitement of war and the peaceful nature taught by the Aspect; losing the identity he has wrought from his previous Paths and becoming obsessed with his path, becoming an Exarch.

Long warriior reader of novels, occasional writer of science fiction and critic of many things; Bellarius has seen some of the best and worst the genre has to offer. You will not be sorry! I will definetly pick up some more Gav thorpe books in the future.

Nov 27, Kym Jackson rated it liked it. It’s hard to care for the characters, the action is never really interesting, the story feels unrealistic and the end, view spoiler [where the craftworld is invaded o space marines and the imperial guard, wafrior spoiler ] is just silly.

Let this be made clear — this would be the equivalent of attacking major imperial sector command base. The book was fine, but fairly surface level and containing sometimes overly strong hints as to what is to happen. The story is about a young Eldar named Korlandril who is a bit of a fop, a nancy boy. And like the second book, it does not disappoint although certain parts of the book was quickly skipped through as its just a repetition of some parts of the second book, albeit from a different perspective.


They think, observe, communicate and feel on so many diverse levels, and the author really brings this out in a manner we can understand. This is an insanely epic, s What an amazing novel! Personal tools Log in Request account. Keep up with News and Reviews in a weekly digest! It is interesting to see the different Paths these three will take, and how it changes their relationships. It was really interesting to delve into the world of the Eldar and to be on the Xenos side of the battle.

In the end, I went for 3 stars because I did enjoy reading it, but I would caution that this is due to my overriding love for and interest in the Eldar race rather thhorpe anything in the quality of writing in this book. Lists with This Book. The secondary characters are, mostly, just a fancy name and no real substance. If this is what’s going on, then I am extremely disappointed. Over the past few years there have been other novels presenting various xe Path of the Warrior is the first of a new trilogy focusing on the race of Eldar.

While this book has a lot of background information, as to how a striking scorpion trains, and some very cool info about Exarchs, there was relatively little in the way of combat in a book about the path of the warrior. The worst insult, however, is adding Imperial Guards and Space Marines into the novel. Path of the Eldar Omnibus Paperback.

If you are interested in the Eldar or just Sci-Fi in general, read this book. Goto who apparently thought he was writing romulans when he fhorpe that together, but there were no excuses here. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.