Hi Guys, I realized I don’t have the latest WoC book and I was looking for the rules. I found THIS SET OF RULES ON GW SITE. Is that the latest. Hello, This is my first post so bear with me. I was wondering if there is anywhere to get the rules for the Hell Cannon other than The Storm of. hey guys does anyone have the rules and stats for the warhammer fantasy hordes of chaos hellcannon and explain it to me how to use it thanks.

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Aside from that, WoC probably have the best offensive power out of any of the Warhammer armies. But who the fuck cares? Ranged combat is for Elves. You’re gonna beat those prissy jellcannon head in because your basic troop choices rupes the shit out of most other hellcannln elites rukes your models have the best looking beards this side of the Dwarfs. High toughness, high strength, high weapon skill. Nothing about this army is subtle. This is the sort of army where you march your guys into the enemy’s soft lines, roll a die, and everything is DEAD.

You think their casters go out in robes? You ever seen a level 2 lone wizard charge a terrorgeist and WIN? Yeah, they can do that. However, do not think that the Norsemen are simple to play. Yes, they probably have the strongest infantry in the game even before getting hel,cannon upgrades. But this is also the army of “things get expensive real quick.

It may seem odd given the general tone of this article so far, but moderation is the key to succeeding as WoC. They may have the best stat-lines for infantry and characters in the game, but they can be overwhelmed if their upgrades lead them to being highly outnumbered. Of course, you will be outnumbered most of the time, but under normal circumstances this shouldn’t bother you hrllcannon these guys are badasses.

But if you let it get out of hand from overspending, you will struggle. The Warriors are excellent in their starting gear anyway, if you know how to use them. They’re a fucking wrecking ball like that. In addition to this, the WoC shooting phase is non-existent, marauders have gotten slightly more expensive so it’s unfeasible to marshal a true horde army like in editions past.

Most armies will likely be made up of a rulez of Chaos Warriors with Marauders as support. In a competitive environment, you’ll have to depend on the magic phase to whittle down the enemy before charging.

And charging is the key to success when playing the Warriors of Chaos. While named characters are judged against their generic counterparts, generic characters are examined based on their role in your army. A unit of 5 held off a 50 strong horde of skellies with spears using their shield combo ruless 3 rounds without taking a single wound, however, infantry worth a damn lizardmen saurus bearded midgets,empire great swords ect. One of the best things about this army is the low model count.

The other one is that the models are, most of the time, goddamn awesome. Under 8th edition infantry has been strengthened haha! Consequently, you should consider buying a strong core of infantry: Marauders are no longer a good choice, although they can be used MSU style quite effectively depending on your list.

One of the advantages of playing WoC as opposed to Ogre Kingdoms or another similar force is the viability of many of your choices – you can run an all-mounted force, an all-chariot force, a force made hwllcannon entirely of monsters or a simply Warrior army.


The choice is yours! The Battalion box is really meh Actually you ehllcannon make decent pts starter army out of the battalion and a hero of your choice! Since Chaos Warrior squads are better off being smaller, just one or two boxes make it three of them will do for rukes along with a helcannon of Warhounds and a Chariot if you want one.

And then just proceed from that point.

Generic mounts tend to be worse than mark-specific mounts, but the ability to be taken with any mark guarantees that they aren’t obsolete, especially due to the hellcannom usefulness of the marks of Slaneesh and Nurgle in every other aspect although their specific mounts do rock.

A note on monstrous cavalry: This is a problem especially against cannons, although stone throwers and quite a few spells can also present a danger: Against spells and stone throwers there is nothing you can do, but they are generally unreliable stone throwers or can be dispelled at the cost of allowing something helcannon to slip past spells.

All analysis of monstrous mounts assumes that you are taking this into account. Some armies have them, some do not. Tzeentchian spells are quite funny. That said The Lore of Tzeentch suffers because it is a mostly ranged spell lore in a combat centric army six out of the seven spells cannot be cast while the Sorcerer is in combatbecause it heavily features the bad kind hellcsnnon random, and because it has a silly extra rule called Warpflame instead rhles Flaming attacks.

Guys affected by a spell with Warpflame have to take a toughness test. They take more hits if they fail, but if they pass, they get regeneration, which stacks with whatever regenerate save they might helcannon have.

This is a Bad Thing to give your opponent. Some would argue that you could have a Fire Wizard on hand to get rid of any regeneration you give your opponent because warpFLAME is somehow not FLAMing in which case, congratulations, you have the only Wizard in the game that needs help from another Wizard with a hel,cannon different Lore.

In fact, half of these spells are straight out of the Lore of Fire with random strength and Warpflame tacked on. Why has Tzeentch always got to be this random strength magic missile garbage?

Lore Attribute — Boon of Magic You get a power dice for each casting dice that rolls a 6 when you cast a spell. Pretty low casting difficulty, but it has Warpflame, and that random strength will mess up the spell half the time.


Probably the worst signature spell. Treason of Tzeentch The only Tzeentch spell that can be cast while the Sorcerer is jellcannon combat, Treason inflicts a somewhat hefty Leadership penalty on the target. You want this to go off when your army hits the enemy, of course, so they break easily.

Is it worth taking the Lore in the hopes you get this spell? Pink Fire of Tzeentch Shoots out the flamer template and inflicts a hit on anybody under it, with the Warpflame rule.

Fucking awful due to random strength, Warpflame and using the artillery dice for its range. Bolt Of Change A powerful, single shot magic missile that acts as a bolt thrower shot, penetrating ranks and causing multiple wounds.

Has a respectable if random eules, and can chew up a unit of monstrous things. Glean Magic Another awful spell because there is so much that can go wrong with it. If cast, you duel an enemy wizard by rolling a D6 and adding your respective wizard levels, and if you win he loses a wizard level and you steal one of his spells.


Can screw up your opponent if you steal the right spell, but the spell you nick is say it with me random. Also, the caster has to have a high wizard level if he wants a chance at winning the duel. And if Tzeentch really hates you today, you can give your target Regeneration too!

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Warriors of Chaos – 1d4chan

That’s too many rolls to fuck up an enemy Wizard. Just run up and stab the fucker. Note that this spell can be hilarious against VC. Lick up tears as you pluck away Invocations from his supporting necromancers.

Emphasis on ‘can be. If they are in combat, there is no way rlues level of regeneration is going to save them from even a sufficiently annoyed chaos marauder. And gellcannon the entire fucking unit gets Regeneration, because fuck you. Infernal Gateway A bigger version of the signature spell of the lore. Far too unreliable and not quite as threatening as its previous version, where it could nuke a unit on uellcannon lucky roll. Nurgle lucks out again and somehow has better magic than his nemesis, Tzeentch the Supposed God of Magic.

Must be Chaos being fickle or something. The Lore of Nurgle is stocked with augment spells to boost your own units along with a few spells based around messing with Toughness values, which makes it a good lore against Elves, Goblins, Skaven etc. Nurgle spells work well with WoC, favouring a short ranged approach.

Having multiple wizards with this lore is pretty, since the lore itself is pretty balanced, and its spells combo nicely with each other. Just don’t use it if you’re going against Ogres or armies with lots of monsters. Hilarious on a Demon Prince when it works once every few games if you take this over Death for some reason, less meaningful on a normal sorcerer.

Signature Spell – Stream of Corruption A short ranged spell utilising the flamer template. Anybody hit by it must pass a Toughness test or lose a wound. Excellent for cutting down blocks of Elves, Goblins and similar low-toughness chumps.

Stream of Corruption is a solid spell and good for spamming if you have a load of Nurgle wizards. Note that you can’t use this in combat, it’s not a proper breath weapon like that. Miasma of Pestilence A simple augment spell that nerfs any and all enemy units in base contact with the target. Forget the Initiative, look at the WS debuff! See all those WS3 baddies?

When they drop to WS2, they’re hitting your WS5 warriors on 5s. If they have Mark of Nurgle, 6s. Which is a pretty big, considering you are getting a lot less ASF great weapon attacks in the face. Blades of Putrefaction Another augment, this time granting poisoned attacks. WoC have a lot of atatcks anyway so this is likely to push a lot of poisoned wounds through. If the target already has poison, it gets a boost though this only really matters if you have Festus since that’s the only other way to get Poison in the army.

Cast on your own unit, it grants a good buff yellcannon their Toughness.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Warriors of Chaos

Cast on an enemy unit, it nerfs their Toughness. Rancid Visitations This is a potentially powerful hellxannon missile. After causing its hits, it can potentially carry on going if the target fails its Toughness test.

Of course, combos with Curse of the Leper to cause the most amount of damage possible.