Full text of “Home-built claymore mines: a blueprint for survival” C A Recipe for Survival Homemade Grenade Launchers: Constructing the Ultimate Hobby. : Home-Built Claymore Mines: A Blueprint For Survival ( ) by Ragnar Benson and a great selection of similar New, Used and. In this book Ragnar Benson shows you how to make your own claymore mines, which are practical if assembled correctly and fairly easy to build from readily.

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Home Built Claymore Mines: A Blueprint For Survival

What ofr is a detailed, step-by-step guide to making clay- mores in one’s home shop. These devices, including triggers built on this pattern, are especially diabolical. Because of the poor aerodynamic qualities of cubes, effective range was less than feet.

Some psycholog- ical phenomenon precludes all but the most combat-experienced soldier from exercising the necessary restraint.


Devcon Plastic Steel Liquid B is sold by selected distributors throughout the United States in 1- 4- and pound quantities. However, Paladin Press in Boulder, Colorado, has recently published an excel- lent volume on the history and development of claymore mines, including a detailed analysis of their commercial assembly and theory of operation, entitled Claymore Mines Their History and Development.

Tom Dewey marked it as to-read Sep 13, For private citizens, claymores are simply too expensive to deploy in large quantity or indiscriminately around the 50 Deployments area with only trip wires around them. A spring-activated clothespin can be used with two trip wires, covering two paths con- verging at a point where one claymore is set up.

Be mindful that in an urban situation there are literally dozens of switches controlling elec- trical current that, when thrown, can be used to detonate a claymore. When the insulated blueprinh is pulled, the circuit is completed, resulting in detonation — provided, of course, that one has been diligent about keeping batteries powering the circuit fresh.


Benjamin Thornton marked it as to-read Clxymore 14, Admittedly, this is not a particularly lengthy or exotic list of components.

View of silhouette targets from rear graphically demonstrates fragment strikes. Ashley Squires rated it it was ok Dec 25, Most claymores will probably be command-detonated by the guy in an ambush sitting breathlessly with wires in hand.

Allow the plastic to cool slowly in the clamp. Ripple effect on ground in front of detonated device is obvious where fragments fired straight ahead. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. In this instance, waiting until the target comes suf- ficiently close is not an issue. Generally, claymore mines are thought of as relatively small, light, inexpensive coun- ters against unfriendly personnel. After full cure, carefully peel the plastic shell from the epoxied fragments.

Claymores operate on some sophisti- cated physical principles of explosives that cannot be altered. As a result of the United Nations experi- ence in Korea, armament experts through- out the world explored the possibility of per- fecting a light, relatively cheap, easily de- ployed, directional-type mine that per- 5 Home-Built Claymore Mines formed much like a giant shotgun.

HomeBuilt Claymore Mines A Blueprint For Survival, Ragnar Benson. (Paperback )

cpaymore Under most circumstances it is best to bite the w ing, so to speak, purchasing stock hardened ball bearings from wherever is cheapest. Few, if any, air pockets should be evi- dent on the back of the fragment mass. Leviticus rated it really liked it Feb 16, This is a modem successor to Devcon Sa material originally used to produce claymores. Detonation must generate a wave- like motion across the face of the explosive, so that maximum velocity of fragments can be obtained.

The Swedish FFV, for instance, weighs 44 pounds and is advertised as being effective against helicopters at meters! Their principal constraint involves their high cost — about 20 cents each.


Remove from the clamp.

Do not remove the pres sure- sensitive protective paper from the Plexiglass at this time. On the other survivzl, hardened steel ball bearing-type fragments are relatively easy to purchase.

Goodreads survjval you keep track of books you want to read. Caroline marked it as to-read Jan 02, This is tedious, time-consuming work requiring a great deal of patience. Generally, claymores can be assembled from off-the-shelf components. This particular material has the added advantage of enhancing the explosive as well as properly channeling and directing the shaped-charge effect.

However, users must deploy their clay- mores properly to achieve maximum effect. Ryan Coons added it Aug 15, Keep in mind that this is a shaped charge subject to some very stringent con- straints. Any pull will close the circuit. Clzymore commercial primer cord is either red or white.

Using duct tape, tightly seal the explo- sive sandwich together. Home-Built Claymore Mines Wire to battery Line across trail Insulated spacer Wire to cap Wire to cap The same clothespin with wire connected to each jaw can be held open by an ice cube which slowly melts, allowing detonation at a fixed target thirty or more minutes after the user home-buily departed for parts unknown.

Those anticipating using trip wires may wish to keep a generous supply of spring-load- ed clothespins and 3 5 -pound monofilament fishline on hand.

One can and must home- anneal these fragments in order to soften them to acceptable levels. Like mild steel fragments, Devcon Survuval B can be difficult to locate.