MINYAK CENGKEH. KiMIA MINYAK ATSIRI After purification the oil is sold with varying eugenol contents. ISOLASI EUGENOL DAN KARIOFILEN. MINYAK. diperoleh melalui isolasi minyak cengkeh, dengan memisahkan eugenol dari komponen penyusun minyak cengkeh yang lain. Proses sintesis ini dilakukan. ISOLASI SENYAWA KARIOFILEN DALAM MINYAK ATSIRI CENGKEH ( Syzygium Aromaticum L) MENGGUNAKAN METODE Clove oil is an essential oil with the main components being eugenol and kariofilen. C15H

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Separate the organic layer, and add HCl to the Na-eugenol till the pH down into The NaOH normalities are from 0,3 to 1,2 N, and the temperature operation of distilllation are o, o, o C. And then separate them.

In the curofilen cengkh process the source of raw material is the key in the process to get maximum results. With variable temperature 90 0C, 0C, and 0C with full reflux The result obtained can be used to determine the optimum condition of eugenol isolation process from leaf oil Clove from vacuum distillation with the largest eugenol volume is 39 ml, the largest weigh is 1.


C15H24 cariophylene with a useful as antibacterial and antifungal has a isloasi in clove oil of about percent. Eugenol is a compound that is used in many industries, such as perfume, flavouring, pesticides and anesthetic. To be able to purify the maximum amount of kariofilen required vacuum distillation saponification method ie Pressure 0, atmmmHg to obtain it.

IJMS – Indonesian Journal on Medical Science

And the process we use in this research is saponification-vacuum mimyak. In addition to obtain maximum rendemen this method can also inhibit the occurrence of cracking process in essential oil, because the vacuum distillation can reduce the pressure and boiling point of the material to be processed into oC.

Clove oil is an essential oil with the main components being eugenol and kariofilen. Abstract Clove oil is an essential oil with the main components being eugenol and kariofilen. Run the distilation process with fixed temperature and vacuum pressure 6x kPa.


Peningkatan Kadar Eugenol Pada Minyak Atsiri Cengkeh Dengan Metode Saponifikasi-distilasi Vakum

The purpose of this research is to study the saponification and vacuum distillation process to isolate eugenol from clove essential oils and get the optimum condition from this process. After eguenol solution has became homogeneous, let it stand into two layers, water and Na-eugenol. Ms Siti Sundari Vokasi.

So, we need the efficience process to increase its purity. Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages.

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View original from ejournal-s1. Dair oil is required from the stem grown in Java, and by steam distillation method. The experimental design used in this research is the variation of NaOH normality and the temperature operation of distilllation. Jurnal Teknologi Kimia dan Industri.