Mandible / maxilla – Benign tumors / tumor-like conditions: juvenile ossifying fibroma. Juvenile ossifying fibroma is a rare, benign fibro-osseous tumour. In the light of a clinical case, the authors review the diagnosis, treatment and histological. Introduction. Juvenile ossifying fibroma is a rare benign fibro-osseous lesion. It is characterized by the early age of onset, the localization of the tumor, the.

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Cellular connective tissue with spherical ossicles. Fibromx was no recurrence or complications for sosifying years follow-up. JOAF is treated by surgical excision and may recur if local resection is not complete. JOF is a relatively rare fibro-osseous lesion of the jaws characterized by the early age of onset i. The polyostotic form is mostly seen in children younger than 10 years, whereas the monostotic form is found in a slightly older age group.

On the radiological examination tumour showed an irregular but well bordered, unilocular and expansive lesion on the right corpus and ramus of the mandible.

Case Report A medically fit nine-year-old male patient visited our dental department with a chief complaint of a swelling in relation to the right upper back tooth region since 3 months which was initially small in size but gradually grew up to the present size. Juveile trabecular and oesifying variant of ossifying fibroma of the maxilla with secondary aneurysmal bone cyst.

Excised surgical specimen Click here to view. His family and dental history were noncontributory.

It affects people of all ages, but in contrast to the form seen at adults, the juvenile form is clinically more aggressive and tends to be recurrent [ 3 ]. Most patients are asymptomatic, and come to clinical attention when a mass is discovered incidentally on routine dental X-rays. Occasionally, giant cells and even mitoses are seen. Juvenile aggressive ossifying fibroma of the maxilla. Fibro-osseous lesions of the face and jaws. Aggressive psammomatoid ossifying fibromas of the sinonasal region: Juvenile active ossifying fibroma.


A clinical assessment of Burkitt’s lymphoma was made, and the child was subjected to several courses of chemotherapy without adequate histologic confirmation. More than half of the right maxillary sinus was involved Figure 3 a. Computerised tomographic scan of lesion.

In contrast, Espinosa et al. Secondary mandibular reconstruction with autogenous grafts was delayed due to the rapid bone formation. Long-term follow-up is necessary owing to its locally aggressive nature and high recurrent potentials. When performing imaging studies, bone windows in computed tomography studies are the best. Juvenile ossifying fibroma of the mandible: InLichtenstein and Jaffe first introduced the term fibrous dysplasia [ 3 ]. Authors herein presents a case of juvenile ossifying fibroma of the mandible which caused expansion and destruction of mandibular cortex.

A case report on juvenile ossifying fibroma of the mandible. Fibrous dysplasia was considered as radiological differential diagnosis, but the margin of the swelling was well-defined and well demarcated from the surrounding areas which was very much unlike FD whose margin is ill-defined and merges with the surrounding areas. In our case, a male patient was affected. Histopathology – Reviews and Recent Advances.

Axial section CBCT image showing anteroposterior and labiolingual extension of the lesion Click here to view. Open in a separate window. There was clear contrast retention following intravenous gadolinium injection. Its nature, dynamics and origin. Pharyngeal air column displaced to opposite site.


Juvenile active ossifying fibroma

It is important to get complete excision as early in the disease process as possible. Ossifying fibroma, a rare tumour entity, is a well-demarcated benign fibro-osseous tumour with capsule composed of metaplastic bone, fibrous tissue and varying amounts of osteoid [ 345 ]. Based on the radiological findings, a radiological diagnosis of juvenile ossifying fibroma in relation to the maxillary right posterior region was given.

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Case Reports in Dentistry

The authors report no conficts of interest related to this study. Swelling angle ramus area of the mandible. Spindled-to- stellate cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm fig. They are treated with simple curettage and the recurrence is rare [ 8 ].

Fibrous Dysplasia versus Juvenile Ossifying Fibroma: A Dilemma

Ossifying fibromas of the craniofacial skeleton. Trabecular and psammomatoid juvenile ossifying fibroma of the skull base mimicking psammomatoid meningioma. Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg. After the clinical, radiological panoramic radiography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging and histologic analysis it was diagnosed juvenile ossifying fibroma.

Spontaneous regeneration after juvenile ossifying fibroma resection: Waldron in classified FOLs into three major groups, namely, fibrous dysplasia, cementoosseous dysplasia, and ossifying fibroma [ 4 ].

The swelling appeared normal in colour with no surface changes. Juvenile aggressive ossifying fiborma poses diagnostic challenges because of its rapidly growing nature. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. A diagnostic clue for differentiating these two lesions is that ossifying fibroma has a well-circumscribed and sharply defined margin which is absent in case of FD.