KBasic is a powerful programming language, which is simply intuitive and easy to learn. It is a new programming language, a further BASIC dialect and is related. DroidBasic_General Manual KBasic Software started development on DroidBasic in (C)opyright Bernd Noetscher’s KBasic Software – New set of manuals about KBasic KBasic was developed by KBasic Software and has aroused much interest in the Internet. If we have made any mistakes.

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You might even return to step 2 from step 3 as you discover problems after compiling your program. The following example demonstrates how a local variable may be used.

Forms, their controls, changing values in controls, or having the user click on buttons generates events. Therefore, all needed files must be installed on the target machine. You ought to use procedures to organize and split your code to get it more readable. Using named arguments may take a little longer to write, but they are less ambiguous and easier to understand, especially if other people have to maintain your code.

Manual kbasic – Google Docs

You can pick an unfinished class; help with the documentation effort; fix existing bugs; help with the tools or writing tests mmanual help make KBasic more robust. For this reason, KBasic is very similar to VB6. A single decision is used to execute a set of statements if a condition is set ‘If’-statement.

Sometimes it is necessary to skip the rest of the code lines but nevertheless stay in the loop to be repeated. KBasic uses variables to store values at runtime of your program.

The individual parts of an expression or statement are commonly known as elements. The ‘Try-Catch’-statement is needed to catch an exception.


The default value for object variables is ‘Null. To change the behavior, override a method of the parent class have the same name and argumentsso that the algorithm of the parent class uses the new method in manuzl new class instead of the original method in the parent class.

You do not have to release objects, you can just forget about them. The result is sorted alphabetically by book title.

If you would like to order KBasic or make an enquiry, please send an e-mail to: Use of the ‘Protected’-Statement: Define a function-procedure by using the keyword ‘Function. Some properties are common in KBasic whereas others are associated with only a single control or object. So Named, named, naMED are the same manusl. Expressions can return a value or not. If the commands inside the procedure changes the value of the argument, the variable is not affected. Use ‘Private’ for methods and variables used only in the class, but not outside.

I recommend converting ico files to png files. If you would like to have early binding, use a class that inherits the object class, like TextBox. However, there is an exception to this rule, which will be explained shortly.

If you are familiar with procedural programming in BASIC, you probably think that if you use KBasic you will have to change the way you write your programs and make them all object-oriented.

The KBasic Manual – A Quick Reference Guide for the Development of KBasic Applications

Programming languages KBasic give you the ability to create computer programs, meaning solving problems with algorithms. This is called late binding, meaning it is not as fast as early binding that takes place when you call functions or procedures of a module. Local kbwsic exists until the procedure is completed; after reentering the procedure all variables are created again after their respective ‘Dim’-statements.


An manuall is an action recognized by an object, e. After learning a new language DroidBasicsignificantly changing your source code base would be involved, but it is worth it! KBasic was originally developed as open source software and will continue to be open in the future.

Besides ‘Private,’ there exists ‘Public’ and ‘Protected’ as scope modifiers. Transaction, if available, can be used to wrap around the DML operations. There are different scopes abstract places in code:.

Since that time, numerous versions or dialects of this language have been written, of which KBasic is only one of them. You have a cursor showing the current position you can type. By referring manua to the instance variable by its object scope you avoid the conflict. It is like a class, many different variables are held together but without methods.

DroidBasic For Android(TM)

With few exceptions, most computer programming languages make use of a compiler. A typical KBasic application consists of forms, modules, classes, and other objects, which together form an application. Use the ‘Private’-statement to declare private variables in module scope or class scope, making the variable accessible only from the same scope module scope, all module procedures, class scope, all class methods.

For example, if we take a look at the syntax definition or format of the MsgBox function shown below:. All procedures are as default ‘Public’ except the event-procedures because KBasic automatically writes ‘Private’ for every event-procedure declaration.