KOMPENZACIJA JALOVE SNAGE KEE_06_Dinamicka Kompenzacija Reaktivne Snage Anatomija Treninga Snage – Frederic Razvijte svoju. MojaEnergija – Jalova snaga i kompenzacija jalove snage. The system for reactive power compensation. We offer design, manufacture and commissioning of damped and undamped automatic devices for reactive power.

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Capacitor connected in series with transmission line reduces the effective reactance of line, thus affecting the improvement of voltage circumstances on the line. Reactive power in the compensation with capacitors is met by the capacitors in terms of their capacities. In this study, compensation system was implemented by using jalovs capacitor as a static phase shifter and a synchronous motor as a dynamic phase shifter in the designed system.

The excitation current of the used synchronous motor is automatically adjusted both in manual and artificial neural network control. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. This capacitor has been developed for outdoor applications, adverse environmental conditions and high temperature. The Bookmark will be sent with the above message. Close and don’t show again Close.

In addition to the active power that is useful for these magnetic field devices, there is a need for reactive power. Figure 23 The system power factor and 3-phase power capacitor values used, before compensation and after the compensation with capacitor.

Skrivene Snage u Coveku. Looking at the results after compensation, the compensation for the existing system with a synchronous motor has been found to be more advantageous.


In implemented system before the compensation, after capacitor and compensation applications with synchronous motor, new power factor values are obtained. Before and after the compensation kompenzqcija application, P value remained constant, Q value decreased.

Capacitor groups are used as static phase shifter. You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Return to KudoZ list. U tu su se svrhu pokusala izbjeci nepotrebna ulaganja u postojeci sustav i stvoriti kvalitetan kompenzacijski sustav. Figure 21 System power factor and current values before compensation and after compensation with capacitor.

This reduction in the reactive force is caused by the actuator means used in compensation applications. Capacitors and compensation applications with snagw motor are built with both manual and automatic control methods in the same load conditions and a total of 4 separate applications have been made.

The system for reactive power compensation

Automatic update in The cause of this is probably the high modeling complexity and problem programming because it is difficult to determine the limits of the excitation current regulation due to variable loads [12]. Vote Promote or demote ideas. Croatian term or phrase: As to the monitoring and recording of these measurements, an interface has been made simultaneously with the computer program. Primjer spojenih Varplus2 kondenzatorskih baterija IP Figure 15 The system power factor, and P values before compensation and after compensation with capacitor.

After compensation performed with kojpenzacija capacitor, the system of measurement results is given: Remember me Forgot password? EIT Elektroinstalacijska Tehnika d. Benefited from two business tools for reactive power generation are: The Bookmark will be sent with the above message Sender email: Reactive power optimization using adaptive excitation control of synchronous motors. Reactive power compensation systems can basically be divided into static and dynamic systems. The system with capacitive compensation can be adjusted depending kompenzaciija the number of power factor stages.



Reactive power compensation can be realized using capacitors or the synchronous motors. C ; PIC peripheral interface controller ; reactive power compensation. IECEN b nazivni napon: The system power factor values for the precompensation and after compensation applications with capacitors and synchronous motors are shown in Fig. SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. U elektroenergetskom sustavu postoje tereti s induktivnom komponentom.

Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use koompenzacija website. As a result of this, energy is supplied by further withdrawal of reactive power from the network. In the applications, the system of measurements was made separately with the oscilloscope and the designed circuit.

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