: Lost Discoveries: The Multicultural Roots of Modern Science from the Babylonians to the Maya (Audible Audio Edition): Dick Teresi, Peter Johnson . Lost Discoveries has ratings and 33 reviews. conventional wisdom, acclaimed science writer and Omni magazine cofounder Dick Teresi traces the origins. Lost Discoveries, Dick Teresi’s innovative history of science, explores the unheralded scientific breakthroughs from peoples of the ancient world.

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View all 4 comments. Dec 02, Christopher rated it liked it Shelves: Instead, he reaches out for ANY potential breakthrough, and moves from solid, provable facts to generous interpretation of ancient philosophies to claim that ancient civilizations had rudimentary understandings of fields such as atomic structure, the age of the universe, and even quantum theory.

Lost Discoveries

That discovreies, Teresi really lost me on some of the cosmology and deep physics discussions. Aug 13, Nikki added it. As Americans, we think history goes b I just couldn’t get into this book, but I don’t think it’s Teresi’s fault.

Just so happens that as each conquering hero invaded the territory, they destroyed most all evidence of what came before. As Americans, we think history goes back only so far as the scientific accomplishments of Western Europe. Leon Lederman Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics and coauthor of The God Particle Wow, Teresi’s Lost Discoveries is a romp through the history of mathematics, astronomy, cosmology, physics, geology, chemistry, and technology. Sep 15, Julien Rapp rated it liked it Shelves: Which is a shame.

They left an enormous heritage in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, cosmology, physics, geology, chemistry, and technology.


And not only mention them, but to use them to build new things that m This was an enjoyable book in that it opened the pages of long lost ideas and discoveries made around the world and across a wider expanse of tteresi than we are generally taught.

I wouldn’t term this book “junk”, but read it with the idea in mind that there are errors of fact within its pages. Hope that was a typo. Teressi feel that the version trresi Europeans invented science is still prevalent, and that lots of people wi So this book is about the misconception that science was invented by the Ancient Greeks then reinvented during the Renaissance while all other culture invented the fire and then called it quits, waiting for Europeans to invent everything.

It’s an interesting dicsoveries, especielly since I feel that during the more than ten years that has passed since it being published, I don’t think much has changed: Other editions – View all Lost Discoveries: But the ideas that give scientists goals for search and understanding is what gets the ball rolling.

Lost Discoveries: The Ancient Roots of Modern Science–from the Babylonians to the Maya

So far so good. That said, I enjoyed the first chapter on math, the best. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Return to Book Page. The whole point of this book is to construct an argument about the history of science – it’s not tereesi steady march onwards directly from the Greeks who are the inventors of science on this model to the contemporary world in which Western science reigns supreme again, on this model with little or no thanks tefesi other, non-Western cultures.

Lost Discoveries Trade Paperback I’m unsure if I’m happy or not about how he wraps things up.


This book discusses the modern science and how non-western cultures have contributed to science. Dec 08, Noah Jensen rated it did not like it Shelves: Most of the names of our stars and constellations are Arabic.

For instance, the critical early sections on mathematics are based almost entirely on letters and emails from two colleagues — Kapl This is an interesting book on how modern science and mathematics, long believed to have come purely from Greek roots, in fact arose from a much broader base of ancient cultures, including Babylonia, India, China and the Arab world as well as Greece.

Jul 21, Amy rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Paperbackpages.

Lost Discoveries | Book by Dick Teresi | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Lists with This Book. Hall Limited preview – Popular passages Page 17 – To this day, the theorem of Pythagoras remains the most important single theorem in the whole of mathematics. I did learn a great deal from this book and I was glad for having read it. In the eleventh century, Avicenna of Persia divined that outward qualities of metals were of little value in classification, and he stressed internal structure, a notion anticipating Mendeleyev’s periodic chart of elements.

Teresi’s attempt to put all this information together in one package. On the other hand, how many science fiction writers are credited with predicting the future?